Adding Visual Interest in Your Windowless Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are modeled after the small, functional kitchens found on ships and planes. They typically consist of two walls with a narrow passageway between them. They’re extremely functional, but a lack of windows can make these kitchens feel claustrophobic and cave-like. The good news is they don’t have to.

Your galley kitchen may be tight and windowless, but the right remodel can make it bright, stylish, and efficient. A great galley kitchen remodel can take your space to another level with creative color, lighting, and other great design choices.

Modern galley kitchen with wooden cabinets and minimalist design.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is perhaps the most important thing to consider when planning a galley kitchen remodel. The primary way to open and brighten a galley kitchen without windows is to install lights throughout the entire kitchen area. When natural light isn’t available, focusing on a lighting design that doesn’t allow shadows to creep in is crucial and can add depth to small spaces.

You can eliminate shadows by installing general, task, and mood lighting. Task lights can be directed to each individual task area. Something like pot lights can be used to illuminate the sink, stove, and food prep areas. Add subtle lighting below and above the cabinets to illuminate the floor and ceiling. This will visually expand your galley making it appear taller and larger.

Lighting should also be installed at various levels throughout the room including eye level, ceiling height, and possibly under cabinets.

Light and Bright

Using light, bright natural colors is another way to prevent your galley kitchen from appearing dark and cramped. Light colors should be used on as many surfaces as possible. Consider a color scheme of whites, creams, or light yellows for walls, ceiling, and backsplashes. Cabinets should be light wood or white.

The type of paint matters, too. Be sure to use a high-gloss paint. This paint is slightly reflective, so instead of absorbing light, it will bounce it back into the room.

Additionally, instead of using flooring with a light-absorbing or rough texture, such as stone or dark ceramic, choose flooring with a reflective surface. Also select a countertop material that matches the cabinets’ color and has a reflective surface.

Avoid Contrast

Contrast is a common design choice in homes. However, it should be avoided for galley kitchens and as much contrast as possible should be removed. Furniture and cabinetry that is a significant color difference from the adjacent walls and floors will stand out and cast shadows. Low-contrast furniture and cabinetry will give the impression of more space and light in the room.

Dreamy Decor

The final step to your galley kitchen remodel is the decor. Choose it wisely. You want to keep the space open and minimize clutter. Light reflection and the perception of open space are enhanced by clear surfaces, while shadow formation is reduced by a lack of clutter.

For the walls, consider a large, brightly colored artwork on one wall to give the eye a place to rest. Or, you can add a mirror to reflect light and brighten the room.

In addition, glass-topped tables, glass shelves, and open or woven chair backs all appear lighter than solid furniture. These pieces will allow light to pass through them rather than stopping at their surface.

If you are considering a galley kitchen remodel, call the pros at All-Nu Construction. Our experts can make your lean galley kitchen appear spacious and bright. We know the kitchen is an important part of your home and we want to help you make the most of it. To find out how we can transform your galley kitchen, contact All-Nu Construction today.