Which Remodeling Projects Have the Biggest Impact on Your Home’s Resale Value

Everyone prefers to get the most bang for their buck, and this is especially true when it comes time to tackle those home remodeling projects. Naturally, a lot of projects are undertaken for the purpose of making one’s home a more comfortable or energy-efficient place to live in, but there is also a significant amount of remodeling being done for the purpose of getting a home ready for sale. Of course, it is also possible that both factors can be considered at the same time, which is to say that one undertakes work on their home that will improve its resale value while also making it a nicer place to live in until it sells.

With these possibilities in mind, there are a number of remodeling projects which have proven to be most likely to provide a greater return on investment than others. These projects tend to be universal in applicability and work just as well for homeowners living here in Toledo OH as they do for anyone living elsewhere.

• Most remodeling professionals will tell you that the two rooms that offer the best return for the effort expended are the kitchen and the bathroom. Taking the first of these to start with, kitchens are particularly attractive places to allocate some time and money to. Technological advances have made new kitchen appliances far more energy-efficient to use and also provide greater ease of operation and more optional features than ever before. In other words, kitchen remodeling often produces energy savings that help pay for the work being done, as well as make life easier for those who use the facilities in the kitchen. Fashions change as well, and kitchens are a room that can best show off the latest trends.

• Bathroom remodeling projects can also produce some energy savings, but bathrooms are much more about adding pizzazz and lifestyle efficiency. Given the plethora of modern electric appliances, many older bathrooms suffer a severe shortage of outlets. Adding new fixtures, low-water-use toilets and a new layer of fashionable tile can really make this room pop.

• Apart from the two most obvious choices, replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient and easy-to-clean models often adds considerable value to a home. Artful use of skylights can also turn an ordinary space into something very eye-catching and different.

While all of these options can add value to a home, there are cases where one other room remodeling project would produce greater results regardless of the room involved. In many cases, homes have unfinished or partially-finished spaces in them, such as a bare concrete basement or a very utilitarian laundry room. Bringing these unfinished or half-finished spaces to completion adds to the effective total of finished space in the home and thus leads to higher appraised values.

The average Toledo OH homeowner may not even have any use for that space but there is a certain element of pure mathematical calculation when it comes time to establish the market value of a home. Location always counts, uniqueness counts, and square footage counts as well. Remodeling can’t do much about location, but it can add a great deal to these other factors.

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