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How to Fix Cracks in Concrete

how to fix cracks in concrete all nu constructionConcrete cracks are very common and there are several causes for this. As a homeowner, you want to save money by repairing smaller cracks yourself. For larger cracks, it’s best to have these checked and repaired by a professional.








What are the Differences between Mortar, Concrete, and Cement?

what are the differences between mortar concrete cement all nu constructionAs a homeowner on a budget, you like to be involved directly in your home repairs and renovations. You want to know what’s going on so you can sleep soundly knowing you got a good deal. If you plan on getting stonework or masonry done in the near future it’s important to know the differences between mortar, concrete, and cement. (more…)

Reasons to Consider Replacing Commercial Windows

window installation workers

Replacing your commercial windows might seem like a somewhat expensive investment, but it’s one that is sometimes necessary – especially when you consider the fact that window replacement can often save you money over the long term. The following are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your commercial windows:




1. Improve your building’s energy efficiency

If your building’s energy costs seem high, it could be because your windows are inefficient. If your HVAC system is producing heat or cold air that escapes through your windows, it means that your HVAC system is going to have to use more energy to replace the heat or cool air that was lost. Additionally, it will have to fight against any outdoor air that manages to come through your windows.

New commercial windows will help keep the air your HVAC system produces inside and keep outdoor air outside, thereby helping to improve your building’s energy efficiency while drastically reducing energy costs.

2. Improve your building’s comfort

Older windows often tend to do a poor job of preventing air from penetrating through the glass. When this happens, it makes it difficult to keep your building at your desired comfort levels. For example, during the winter you’ll probably run the heat. However, if your windows allow heat to escape and cold air to enter, then it will be difficult to keep your building at your desired temperature.

3. Protect merchandise and furniture

Newer windows tend to use double pane glass as well as anti-UV coatings.This helps to prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows and causing damage. Older windows do not boast these kinds of features. Furniture, flooring, and merchandise will fade over time if exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a regular basis.

4. Improve your building’s curb appeal

All commercial windows are going to begin showing some wear and tear the older that they get. Even if your windows aren’t completely broken down, you should still consider replacing them if they do exhibit wear. New windows will help to improve your building’s curb appeal, which helps to attract customers.

Windows that are beginning to show their age often don’t look good, which will reflect poorly on your company’s image. If you don’t put any effort into caring for your building’s appearance, customers may think that you’ll put just as little effort into your products or services.

5. Improve your building’s security and safety

Your windows have a big impact on the security of your building. Worn down windows are easier to break into. Newer windows will have more effective locking mechanisms.

Not to mention that newer windows are easier to operate than older windows. Whereas older windows often weigh more and are more difficult to lift open, newer windows should be easy for anyone inside to operate. This greatly improves the safety of anyone inside your building in case they need to exit through one of your windows during an emergency.

Replacing your older, inefficient commercial windows can increase efficiency, comfort, curb appeal, security and safety, all of which can help you save money over the long term.

5 Eco-Friendly Home Renovations that are Durable and Pocket Friendly


Green Building And Alternative EnergiesIf you think that your home needs renovation, because it could do with an upgrade or you wish to renovate it before putting it up for sale, then perhaps you should consider an eco-friendly approach to home renovation. You have a choice in ideas, concepts, materials, and designs that not only offer functional esthetics but do so at affordable rates.

Consider these five ideas:




1. Eco-friendly flooring

Eco-friendly flooring renovation options, such as bamboo and cork flooring, recycled metal and glass tiles, linoleum flooring, and recycled clay tiles, can add to the décor of any room. They are easy to paint and offer many unique attributes. Cork, for example, has anti-microbial properties and also keeps insects at bay. Bamboo grows fast and is easily harvested in a sustainable manner. It can be customized in ways that traditional wood flooring cannot.

2. Solar power

A home renovation is a good time to install solar panels on your property. Installed on the roof or in the yard, these panels generate clean energy that can help you run appliances at home. Once, the panels have paid for themselves via the free electricity they generate, you can save valuable dollars for years by reducing your dependence on fossil-fuel based electricity supplied by the grid.

3. Rain garden

A rain garden in your yard is an easily implemented renovation. Rain gardens consist of plants and shrubs in depressions sunk in the ground. A naturally low-lying spot in the yard is a good place for a rain garden. They trap and soak rainwater, which would otherwise cause erosion, pick up pollutants, and then flow into water bodies such as lakes and rivers. Rain gardens help replenish the water table. They are easy to maintain and add to curb appeal.

4. Low emissivity glass

Low emissivity glass for windows and patio doors regulate home temperatures naturally and help bring down home air conditioning costs all through the year. This renovation consists of a simple replacement of clear glass with low emissivity glass for windows and doors. Low emissivity glass with a transparent metallic coating lets sunlight stream in from outside while blocking heat. Your rooms will remain cool without the HVAC having to work overtime. In winter, the coating on such glass prevents heat within from radiating to the colder space outside. Again, you save on heating costs.

5. Reface cabinets

Refaced cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms are not just money savers; as an eco-friendly option, they help maintain indoor air quality and ensure that you do not ingest harmful chemicals over time. Use water-based finishes for coloring the wood. These finishes are free of volatile, organic compounds.

An environment-friendly home upgrade is also a budget-friendly one. What is more, you can accrue savings for years. Evaluate your needs and explore eco-friendly alternatives.

Preparing Your Roof for an Upcoming Weather Event

Harsh weather can take a toll on your home’s roofing system, and areas like Toledo, Ohio may endure damaging weather events throughout the year. When a roof is well-maintained in great condition, it is more likely to endure the brute force of the elements throughout the months to come. As a homeowner, there are some steps you should take to prepare your roof for impending weather conditions.

Clear Debris From the Roof and Gutters
During the fall months in Toledo, it is common for leaves to fall onto roofs and into gutters. These can accumulate over time, and they can become a nuisance that negatively affects your overall property condition. Consider, for example, that leaves can clog gutters and can make them less functional. Leaves on a roof can deteriorate under the weight of snow and ice that is sure to fall in the winter months, and this can cause staining, rot and more. By simply clearing away the debris from the gutters and roof, you can better prepare your roof for the pending weather conditions.Get a Professional Roof Inspection
Another excellent step to take is to get a professional roof inspection. Some homeowners may be able to spot some signs of damage from the ground level, such as buckling or missing shingles. However, other roof damage may only be visible to a skilled professional with a close-up review of the property. Through a professional inspection, you can better learn about the actual condition of your Toledo home’s roof, and you can learn about the recommended repair work that is required to get your roof back in top condition. When a roof is properly maintained, it is more likely to resist additional damage from heavy rains, high winds and more. It is best to have a professional inspect your roof at least once per year for the best results.

Make Any Repairs or Replacements as Soon as Possible
If your roofer recommends roofing repairs for your Toledo home, it is best to set up an appointment to get these done as soon as possible. When your roof is already covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, it generally is too late to get the roofing repair work done until the spring arrives to thaw out the frozen precipitation. Likewise, when a damaging spring storm arrives, it may be too late to protect your roof from damage caused by high winds and heavy rains.

Your roof serves the important functions of protecting the home from the elements, adding an insulating barrier to your home, preventing pest and rodent infestation, improving the aesthetic appeal of the home and more. With so many factors riding on the overall condition of your roof, you understandably want to keep it as well-maintained as possible. Because weather can be so damaging to a roof, it is best to get it improved to the best condition possible before bad weather arrives. By following these important steps, you can take every effort possible to ensure that your roof is ready for the next major weather event.

Should You Consider a Heavy Roofing Material?


roofChoosing the right form of roofing for your home is essential. What is important to assess is the location of where you are considering moving or where you are already living. If you are located in the Toledo OH area, then it is wise to contemplate whether having a heavy roof material is necessary and effective for the structure of the home that you are living in. Consider these questions to ask yourself when you are trying to ascertain whether a heavier roof material is the correct choice for your home:

1. How sturdy is my roofing frame?

Depending on the type of frame that you are going to invest in, it will also dictate the type of roof that you are going to select for your home. This is precisely why it is best to know which frame you will be installing or already have before choosing your roof style. Some examples of roofing options that are heavier are: any form of tile roof or slate.

2. What is the climate where I am living?

If you are located in Toledo OH, you have four seasons. What this means is that there will be times of the year when you have snow. This is important to factor into which type of roof material that you decide to utilize. Thus, when considering these calculations, it is important to assess how much weight the frame of your home can support plus the weight of the style of roof materials that you choose to utilize. Within this calculation, also allow some room for leaves and snow that can pile on top. Additionally, allow for the potential for the weight of dampness from rainwater and snow melting to be in the equation as well. This way, you will not have to make any substantial repairs from the roof collapsing.

3. Is the design worth the extra weight?

When designing your home, your roof is important in the aesthetic features in that it is what people see when they first come to your home. For instance, if you would like a more Tuscan flair, you need to make sure your roof matches that theme. However, it is important to explore all Tuscan options to see if you can find a roof style that meets your weight requirements. If the heavier option does, then enjoy. If it does not, then be sure to make your modifications now so that you are not paying for a substantial repair down the road.


Having a roof style that is heavy absolutely is possible. The key is being sure that you calculate the weight carefully with your contractor. By doing this during the consultation appointment, you will allow yourself to not be faced with any unfortunate consequences later that transpire in the middle of winter in the wake of a storm when repairs can be substantially more difficult. Thus, it is recommended to contact the local roof professional today in order to get started selecting the roof material that meets the needs of your upcoming project.

The Most Common Home Roofing Mistakes


Construction worker climbing up a ladder to the roof of a building.It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re working on your roof since there’s so much to remember. Roofing can be a tricky enterprise. Here are some common mistakes that people make in the Toledo OH region and beyond including what you can do to avoid them.

Securing Ladders

One of the most important aspects of any operation involving your roof is safety. The first part of this is how you get there in the first place. Your ladder should be well secured to both the top and the bottom of your house before you fully leave it. Many accidents occur because people aren’t paying attention to this aspect of the approach.

Forgetting Vents

Another major issue is making sure that air can get out of the roof. Hot air rises, and if you don’t give it a place to go, it’s going to cause damage to your roof. Whenever you re-roof your house or do repairs, it’s critical to remember that the vents are an important part of that. This can be done by being sure that you don’t accidentally put anything in front of the vent or build anything over it. If you block vents, water vapor is going to build up inside your house and eventually soften your shingles far faster than what should have happened if you were more cautious.

Failing to Use Enough Nails

When shingling your house, it’s important to make sure that you put enough nails in each and every shingle. Otherwise, they will tend to fall down easily. The common rule of thumb is to put at least four nails in every shingle. You should be cautious about making sure you do this so that you end up with better results than others who are sloppy about putting enough nails in every tile.

Ignoring Ice Dams

It’s likely that you’ll be putting in your tiles and doing other roofing repairs during the summer, or at least during warmer months. The problem is that you will have to worry about events that occur during the winter months. Many people forget about this and end up not doing anything about preparing for the potential issue ahead of time.

People who live in colder areas can expect the ice that forms on their roof to melt in certain areas due to heat coming off of it. This melting water will move down the roof and then accumulate underneath roof shingles, refreezing their and cause damage that can create leaks if nothing is done about it. This is exactly why it’s important to put in an ‘underlayer’ in order to guard against the possibility of ice water melting.

If you focus on avoiding these pitfalls, your roofing woes should abate. It may also be useful to look for additional help in the surrounding Toledo OH region. Professionals will be able to assist you if you make any mistakes before you realized it. They can also do part of the work for you if you aren’t as confident with some part.

Which Roofing Materials Stand Up Best to Water Damage?


1Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Therefore, it is important to know that what you put on it will withstand the elements. With that in mind, what are some roofing materials that guard especially well against water damage?

Most Roofing Materials Guard Against Water Well Initially
Almost any type of material that you put on your roof will guard well against water when you first install it. Assuming that it is put in correctly, you can expect anything from asphalt shingles to cedar shakes to keep the interior of your home dry. Metal and clay tiles also can do a good job against water, which is important in an place like Toledo OH where rain, snow and generally moist conditions are present throughout the year.

Which Materials Need the Least Amount of Maintenance?
Although asphalt shingles are cheaper than other materials, they may require more maintenance over time. If there are issues with the gutter, downspout or other components of the roof, water could see right through a shingle. This is especially true if the granules come off or the shingle was not installed properly. Wood is another material that tends to succumb to moisture over time. Therefore, it may be best to go with metal or clay tiles if you want a material that lasts and does not need to be maintained.

2Treated Lumber May Offer Better Protection Against Water
While untreated wood is easily damaged, rotted or warped by water, treated lumber may fare better. In addition, treated lumber may also be better against pests, fire and other types of natural weather conditions. It may also be possible to have asphalt shingles treated with minerals such as limestone to make them more resistant against water and moisture in general.

Not All Homes are Created Equal
It is important to know that not all homes are equal when it comes to materials doing well against water. If your Toledo OH home has large trees that create shady spots along parts of your roof, it may be harder for moisture to evaporate or otherwise roll off of the roof, which may make it harder for your shingles or other materials fend the water off.

If your roof was not installed properly or you neglect to do basic maintenance such as cleaning the gutters, you may also notice that your roof does poorly against water. Of course, you also have to consider that extreme weather conditions can create water damage no matter how strong your roof is against moisture.

Water damage is one of the most common reasons why roofs need to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, it is critical that you get the best materials that you can afford. Once the roof has been repaired or replaced, you should make sure that you have it inspected annually to check for any damage. Catching minor problems before they become major ones may make it easier and less expensive to fix them in a timely manner. Contact All-Nu construction today to stop the problem before it starts.

Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing for Your Home

Homeowners often pass on getting a metal roof because this type of roofing material is linked to high costs. However, there are plenty of metal roofing options available for different income levels. There are also many benefits that come with metal roofing, giving you reasons to consider a metal roof for your Toledo OH home.

Construction roofing crew uses power tools to screw and fasten sheet metal to the roof rafters of a building.


The first reason why people want metal roofs for their Toledo OH homes is because metal roofs last a long time. In many cases, metal roofs can last multiple lifetimes. This means that not only you will enjoy your metal roof, but your kids and their kids will enjoy it too. In the long run, this will save you a ton of money on roof repair. After all, metal roofs are much easier to keep up with in terms of maintenance than any other roofing.

The Green Factor

Everyone is looking to go green to reduce their carbon footprint. However, going green isn’t always an easy task. Thankfully, there are several ways that getting a metal roof for your home can reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Longevity – Because metal roofs last much longer than traditional roofing, you won’t have to replace your roof as often. This means, less buildup in local landfills.
  • Cooling Effect – Metal roofs transmit far less heat from the sun to your attic. This is mostly because metal roofs are thinner and cannot store as much heat. The result is less energy consumption and cheaper energy bills.
  • Different Colors – Metal roofs come in a lot of different colors. This allows homeowners to choose light colors, which reflect the sun rays away from the house, aiding in keeping the house cooler. This also reduces energy consumption and lowers energy bills.


Metal roofs, in general, is safer than any other type of roofing material. A lot of this has to do with how light metal roofing is compared to asphalt roofing, but there are other reasons why metal roofs are safer than asphalt.

  • Lighter – Metal roofs are lighter than asphalt ones. This means there is less pressure on the top of the house, making it safer for areas that are prone to earthquakes.
  • Mechanically Fastened – You won’t have to worry about your roof blowing away during high winds because metal roofs are mechanically fasten to houses. Strong winds are no longer a problem.
  • Fire Resistant – Metal is fire resistant, which means that a metal roof is fire resistant. With home fires being a major concern for homeowners, anything that is fire resistant is a welcome addition to any home.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting a metal roof, but one of the best is simply because they look nice. Homes that have metal roofs generally have higher property values than those that don’t. The next time you do some home remodeling, consider upgrading to a metal roof. It’s bound to save you a lot of money in the long run not only because of its longevity but also its energy-efficient properties.

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How Replacing Your Windows Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Windows have exciting new options like Argon filled panes, colored frames and low-e glass coatings. If your house is a little older or the windows let air escape, you might consider window replacement. There are many considerations when installing new windows, but your next electric bill could be the deciding factor. Learn about the benefits of new windows and when windows need replacing.

Window Replacement - Toledo OH

Energy Efficiency

To combat rising energy costs, people have become more conscientious of monitoring their thermostats, dressing appropriately and maintaining their heating and cooling systems. However, you’re probably still losing valuable heating or cooling right out your old windows.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, converting your home to an energy-efficient home may save about a third on your electric bill. This is definitely a significant amount of money for homeowners, which might make you consider newer energy efficient windows.

When you begin shopping for energy efficient windows in Toledo OH, watch for Energy Star labels, which indicate the most appropriate energy saving window for your climate zone with ratings.

The National Fenestration Rating Council label also provides a huge amount of energy information on each window, which includes ratings for heat loss, solar heat, air leakage, condensation resistance and light transmittance.

Window Replacement Benefits

1) More natural light is brought into the home with larger glass surfaces and smaller frames.

2) Improved airflow increases ventilation and may improve your health and comfort while living in the home.

3) New, well-made windows increase your privacy and reduce noise from outdoors.

4) New window designs have simplified window maintenance and are so much easier to clean than older windows.

5) Double and triple pane glass helps to conserve and reduce electric bills for homeowners.

When Should Windows be Replaced?

• Consider replacing windows that no longer slide, swing or lift easily for ventilation.

• Excessive condensation appears on the inside of windows making it difficult to see out.

• You avoid cleaning windows because it so difficult with an older design that doesn’t offer easy cleaning.

• You can actually feel a draft coming from your window as you sit nearby and know you’re losing your cooling and heating.

New Energy Window Options

Low E-glass Coatings

New glass coatings are available that are almost invisible on glass surfaces. The coating helps to reduce damage from solar heat, while protecting carpeting, drapes, furniture and flooring in your house from UV rays.

Glass Panes

Most older homes usually have single pane windows installed, which leak a lot of air and cause terrible drafts in some rooms. Newer energy windows come in double or triple panes, which reduce slow air leaks and are more energy efficient.

Gas Filled Windows

Instead of dead air space between energy windowpanes, Krypton or Argon can fill the space between windowpanes, which helps to prevent the loss of cold or hot air through the windows. If your house has older windows that just aren’t doing the job in Toledo Oh, or you have high-energy bills, you might want to consider window replacement with new efficient energy windows.

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