Is an Exterior Renovation of an Old House Practical?

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In the search for the ideal home, finalizing a closure depends on buyer expectations and their finances. Today, there is greater focus on purchasing older homes for a variety of reasons:

  • Downsizing for families needing less square footage
  • Costlier exterior renovations in newer houses
  • Less cost for old house renovations and property upgrades

Is Exterior Renovation of an Old House Practical?

The question of whether exterior renovations of old houses is practical depends on the age of the home. In small villages and towns across the country, exteriors of old houses are well cared for no matter what the age of these homes may be.  A two bedroom southern style cottage exterior, circa the late 1930s is ideal for exterior siding and roofing upgrades.

Checklist of Potential Expenses

Most potential home buyers use the same method of judging the value of renovating exteriors: costs of renovating an old house vs. costs of a newer home. There are other considerations such as proximity to schools and local shopping, taxes and general cost of living. Base your exterior renovation plans on your actual budget dollars.

Begin your cost assessment with the existing exterior facade. If weather or other disaster, such as fire, have caused irreparable structural damage, the cost of renovating may be prohibitive.

The checklist of average exterior renovating usually consists of:

  • Damage to foundations and exterior walls
  • Wood worm or termite damage
  • Cracks and leaks around windows and doors
  • Worn or damaged siding

Most Expensive Exterior Repairs

The most expensive repair to the exteriors of old houses is usually deterioration of foundation materials. This happens when the soil around the house has had flooding that seeps deeply into the foundation and begins to erode the integrity of cement and cinder block walls. The cost for this type of renovating can be $10,000 or more, depending on the choice of contractor.

Renovating roofing and gutters can also be a $10,000 job especially on an older house with gutters, shingles or slate tiles missing.

Refreshing the Exterior Look of the House

In older houses, a simple way to refresh the look to bring it up to more modern standards is new siding, windows and doors. These are less expensive than some of the more major repairs.

Window and door replacements are a great way to modernize an old house and help reduce the energy costs. With the broad range of windows and doors to choose from, the styles can coordinate or contrast with the style of the house. For example, one story ranch style homes look great with cross paned windows and front bay windows. Doors can match the window style.

Since most old houses were built before the advent of vinyl clad aluminum siding, the exterior renovation can include this type of siding.

Renovation to Add Curb Appeal

Renovations can be moderately affordable and a good way to improve the look of a house. Renovations also add property value and curb appeal. There are other accessories that qualify as exterior renovations to an old house, such as adding a garage or carport or other exterior features such as shutters. These additions make such renovations practical and more valuable to the homeowner.

Using a well thought out, detailed plan of exterior renovations goes a long way to reducing costs and keeping the renovations project affordable. The simple way to achieve this is to spend time pricing each type of renovation you consider most important. However, choosing a home renovation professional can help reduce renovation costs. For more details or expert assistance, visit us online today to get your renovation plans started.