Five Ways That New Windows Can Help You Save on Monthly Bills

Window replacement isn’t usually something most people want to do, but in areas like Toledo OH, it pays to take the plunge. The harsh, cold winters and humid summers make it difficult to keep your home a comfortable temperature, but it’s not impossible. Remembering that the main reason your furnace or AC has to keep pumping air is because the warm or cool air it pumps is changed in temperature often too quickly because of the intrusion of outside air primarily through windows. Let’s take a look at five ways window replacement can lower your monthly bills.

Large four pane window looking on summer backyard with pool and

  • Harsh Ultraviolet Rays. Ever noticed that your carpet or furniture directly in front of a window has faded over time? That’s because the sun’s UV rays are harsh on fabrics and other types of material. It causes things to break down more quickly and essentially bleaches color.
  • Air Leaks. The northern Ohio winters are cold, and that cold air so easily finds it way into the small cracks and gaps in the windows that you have, especially if they’re older. The expansion and contraction of material with the seasonal temperature causes gaps to form and can even cause cracks in the window pane itself. Not to mention how much money you’ll spend trying to keep the cool air in your house during those hot, humid summers when the cold air is leaking out of the house. Not only has age deteriorated old windows and the weather altered them, but windows today are so much higher quality and efficient at keeping the air inside your house and the air outside your house separate. They’re built with different standards than older windows.
  • Maintenance. Newer windows require little to no maintenance at all, while older windows require more each year. Older wooden windows require painting and protection from the hard outside weather. This is also where many of them succumb to the problems listed above.
  • Increases home value. Your home is likely your largest investment and it pays to take care of it, whether you’re planning on selling or not. But while new windows can make you more comfortable inside, they are also often listed as one of the key factors in selling a home. They increase a home’s value tremendously, as home buyers are already aware of the effect they have on monthly bills, plus they just look a lot more attractive than older windows to a potential buyer.
  • Federal tax credits. Those looking to replace their windows to new, more efficient windows can apply for a federal tax credit to help pay for some of the cost of the windows. It’s not necessary to replace all your windows to get the credit, but they must be Energy Star qualified.

Why don’t you imagine sitting in your home in Toledo OH while you’re comfortable with the temperature, and you’re comfortable with the monthly bill you pay to enjoy that temperature. It sounds pretty nice. It’s what we all want when we come in from the outside cold or heat. And it’s where window replacement can help.

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