Home Improvement Trends Worth Following This Year

With the real estate market still soaring and interest rates rising, many homeowners are putting aside their plans to buy a new home and are focused on renovating their existing space to fit their wants and needs. When you work on improving your home, you will get the benefit of a space you love and increased home value. Whether you are choosing to renovate for eventual sale or to make your home more modern and functional, there are home improvement trends that are definitely worth following.

Newly renovated kitchen with black cabinets and white countertops with stainless steel appliances.

Adding Texture to Your Interior and Exterior Spaces

Trim, gables, brackets, awnings, and shutters are all ways to add some texture to your home. Little elements like this also add dimension and personality. Many design shows focus on little textural details that are decorative and will add a pop without going overboard. People don’t want their homes to be cookie cutter copies of the other homes on their block. Most homeowners want their home to stand out and show off their personal style and taste.

Bathroom Renovations will Never Go Out of Style

It’s no secret that kitchens and bathrooms are the renovations that are the most popular. If you are planning to sell your home, these renovations can help make your property unforgettable. If you are planning to stay in your home, these renovations will add luxury and function that you can enjoy for many years. In the bathroom, the current trends are to create a spa-like atmosphere. Heated floors, freestanding tubs, steam showers, bidets, and calming colors and lighting are all part of creating a spa experience at home. Even in a room that will not be seen by anyone but the homeowners, investments in this space are almost never a bad idea.

Kitchen Renovations for the Foodie Culture

The foodie culture has made a great comeback, and homeowners are investing in their kitchens to create a space to fuel their culinary passions. Many homeowners are looking for “butler kitchens” or auxiliary kitchen spaces with a second oven, sink, and a full pantry with counter space and ample room for small appliances. As we continue cooking more and more at home, the need to make improvements to design and function grows. While many designs are minimalist in nature, today’s kitchen trends offer plenty of organization, functionality, and storage. While functionality is worth the investment, many homeowners are realizing that materials that look high-end but are easier to maintain are the best choice.

Neutrals are Classic, but Colors are Back

White is cold, sterile, and out as a color trend. Homeowners who are renovating may still choose white cabinets, but are looking for a pop of color in their paint, islands, and kitchen backsplashes, and the rest of the home balances warm and light neutrals that brighten spaces with pops of color to add personality. Blue is the hot color right now, with a variety of shades to choose from that complement many different styles. When homeowners are renovating, it’s important not to fear color, but if you’re hesitant to settle on something bold, you can add colorful touches in small doses to accentuate your spaces.

It’s a great time to invest in some home improvements to make your home more comfortable and functional for you and your family. If you’ve been thinking about renovating some of your living spaces, contact All Nu Construction to start a conversation about what you’d like to have done and how we can help.