Top 5 Home Renovations with a Big Return

If you are planning a home renovation, you are probably focused on how to increase the value of your home. When you have to prioritize how to invest your time and money, you want to focus on projects with a big return.A perfect neighbourhood. Houses in suburb at Summer in the north America. Luxury houses with nice landscape.

1. Exterior Home Renovations Have a High ROI

Exterior renovations generally increase the value of your home. These improvements include roof replacement, window replacement, and new siding. Many home buyers do not want to deal with replacing the roof, windows, or siding, so knowing that those projects have been recently completed can translate into a high ROI. These renovations may not be glamorous, but they make a big difference in how you can market your home. New windows, siding, and roofs show that you take pride in the upkeep of your home.

2. Focus on Your Entryway

Your entryway has a big impact in curb appeal, and when considering how to increase the value of your home, focusing on the entryway provides a big return. First impressions matter and replacing your entry door has a return of over 90%. To make an even bigger impression, consider increasing the value of your home by upgrading your entryway with glass sidelites and upgraded lighting. Adding a covered entryway will also provide a high return, as well as the benefits of extra protection for your home.

3. Kitchen Renovations Have a Big Return

Kitchen renovations aren’t inexpensive, but they do provide a high return for those willing to put in the investment. When considering how to increase the value of your home, think of a kitchen renovation that focuses on upgrading rather than a complete gut job. New flooring, appliances, countertops, and refinishing the cabinets has a return of over 80% and will make a big difference in how potential buyers will view your home.

4. Bathroom Renovations Sell Homes

When it comes to selling homes, it’s bathrooms and kitchens that make a big difference to buyers. As the population ages, having a bathroom that can adapt to accessibility needs can provide a big return. Walk-in showers, support bars, and other elements will make a big difference. Beyond accessibility, a bathroom remodel with new, neutral, and upscale fixtures has a return of over 70% and will make your home very attractive to buyers.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

Decks and patios are very attractive to buyers, so investing in these spaces can also provide a high return. Many home buyers want to picture themselves enjoying your full property, so taking the time for a deck or patio upgrade will increase the value of your home. Backyard upgrades like a covered patio often play a big part in home sales. Clearly defining outdoor living spaces has a high ROI, especially when you work with a professional contractor to get the job done right.

Focus on How to Increase the Value of Your Home

To increase the value of your home, the best thing you can do is show that you take pride in the upkeep and improvement of the property. Home buyers are drawn to fresh, new, and well-maintained homes, and investing in projects that will make your home attractive to buyers will increase the value.

Knowing how to increase the value of your home with renovations can make the investment of time and money feel well worth the effort. Speaking with a contractor about the best projects to increase your home’s value is an excellent first step in your renovation checklist. If you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor spaces, contact All-Nu Construction. We’ve got a long standing commitment to give the best we can to this community, and with new windows, doors, roofing, or siding installed by our experienced installation team, you can be sure you’ll get the best for your money and an ROI you can get excited about. Contact us today for a virtual appointment.