4 Smart Home Renovations to Increase Resale Value

A good remodeling contractor may ask you what your long-term plans are for your home, and not only what you want to do, but why you want to do it. Remodeling a home you plan on living in for another ten years or more and remodeling when you want to increase resale value for an upcoming home sale are two very different things. If you want to increase your resale value, it’s worth it to consider these four smart home renovations.

Home improvement contractor working in a home.

1. Remodeling Contractors Know that Kitchens Sell Homes

Many buyers will put a great deal of value on the kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and buyers are looking for a kitchen that is both modern and efficient, while also attractive. Up-to-date appliances, high-end counters, and bright, open kitchen spaces are key if you want to sell your home quickly and for a good price. In addition to the appeal of a new kitchen, as with many other projects, home buyers will be drawn to updated spaces where they will not need to take on a remodeling project, and the kitchen is a big one.

2. Bathroom Updates are Key

Like kitchens, updated bathrooms sell homes, while dated, tired, and small bathrooms can cost you with below asking-price offers or no offers at all. Hiring your remodeling contractor to add and install lighting, new fixtures, and upgraded features will make your space much more enticing to buyers. Your remodeling contractor can steer you toward a bathroom renovation that will make your home more attractive without going overboard on your budget.

3. Focus on Outdoor Spaces

While you certainly shouldn’t spend your money trying to envision what buyers might want (such as a swimming pool), allow your home improvement contractor to steer you toward projects that most buyers will want. Outdoor entertaining spaces, such as a high-quality deck or patio, can make a big difference in selling your home, especially now when people are spending more time at home. Fire and water features, as well as outdoor cooking spaces, are extremely desirable for many home buyers. Focusing on having a quality outdoor space will greatly enhance your curb appeal.

4. Windows Make a Difference

A window replacement project does several things. First, it will increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. New windows will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and allow you to put less stress on your heating and cooling systems.

Next, new windows will increase your curb appeal and make your home more attractive to buyers. Finally, buyers will be drawn to a house with new windows, often because they know that a window replacement project will not be something they’ll need to take on for many years. Buyers are often willing to pay a bit more to know that certain major renovation projects, like new windows, are already taken care of.

Let Your Home Improvement Contractor be Your Guide

Your home improvement contractor will have their finger on the pulse of what homeowners are looking for, and will have an idea of what’s a trend and what has staying power in terms of increasing your home’s value. If you are planning to stay in the home, your home improvement contractor can help you find the right projects that suit your family. But if you are planning to sell your home and want to increase resale value, it’s all about making your space as enticing as possible to someone else. Buyers like the look of clean, updated, neutral spaces where they can add their own touches, and they will appreciate a reprieve from doing any major remodeling themselves.

When you are hoping to sell your home soon, it’s not the right time to try and take on a DIY project that may look sloppy. Let the professionals guide you toward the right remodel to attract the right buyer, and one that will increase your resale value enough to make the remodel well worth the investment. If you’re looking for a home improvement contractor to bring your renovation visions to life, contact All-Nu Construction to discuss your plans. We’ve made a local name for ourselves by providing high-quality workmanship and reliable service you can count on.