Your Guide to Getting a New Roof

If you are beginning the process of getting a new roof, you most likely feel overwhelmed. How do you know it’s time? How do you find the right roofing contractor? What decisions will you need to make? What will the process look like? Finding the right contractor, deciding on the right roofing material, and determining if your roof has significant damage are all important first steps to replacing your roof. Most of the time, you’ll have an idea it’s time to replace your roof simply from the age of it. Most homeowners will only need a new roof once. While this is a good thing, it does mean that most homeowners who are looking to install a new roof are new to the process.

Asphalt shingles house roofing construction.

How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Roof?

Your roof has a lifespan, usually between 20-25 years, and once your roof reaches that milestone, it’s time to start thinking about roof replacement. However, there are other indicators as well. Look at your roof. Is there damage from a storm? Can you see other obvious issues? If the shingles are visibly worn, cupped and curled, or cracked, it’s a sure sign you need a new roof. If you have a leak inside your home, your roof is likely to blame. Once you know – or even suspect – you need a new roof, it’s time to call the professionals.

Finding the Right Contractor for Your New Roof

Ideally, you’d like to get estimates from 3-4 roofers. To narrow the pool down, start with looking to friends, family, neighbors, and local community informational sites. Ask those who have recently replaced their roofs who they used and how the process was. Ask questions about the final result, but also about whether the roofer was able to stay within the timeline, stay within the estimated cost, how easy they were to communicate with, and how the work was completed each day. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, double check that the roofers you will call are licensed and insured. When you call the roofers you are interested in, set up a time for an estimate. A good roofing contractor will spend some time inspecting your roof and determining the estimated cost and time frame based on what they find in their brief inspection.

Deciding on Materials for Your New Roof

When you meet with your potential roofing contractors, you will likely discuss the materials you would like for your new roof. The majority of new roofs are still using asphalt shingles, but there are other options, such as metal roofing, wood shingles, tile, composite shingles, and slate. Each material has their advantages and will be available in different styles to enhance the look of your home. Your roofing contractor will walk you through the options and their cost so you can make an informed decision. Your roofing contractor will also let you know about any warranties for the materials you are considering.

Discussing the Process

When getting estimates it is a good idea to get a general idea from each contractor about what the process will look like. Ask questions about what you will need to do to prepare the property, what equipment you can expect to be on-site, what the roof removal and disposal will look like, what will be done to protect your landscaping, what hours you can expect the roofing crew to be working, what will happen in inclement weather, and other questions you may have. Once you have selected a roofing contractor, it’s important to get everything specified in your written contract.

Getting a new roof can be an overwhelming process, but a good contractor can guide you through the process and remind you of the smart investment you’ve made in your home. If your roof is beginning to show its age, contact All-Nu Construction for an on-site estimate to replace your old roof. Sometimes it’s hard to bite the bullet and make big investments in maintaining your home, but once you’re looking at a brand new roof knowing your home is better protected moving forward, you’ll be so glad you made a call to us. Let’s talk about a new roof for your home today.