Which Type of Siding is Best for Your Home?

Since your home is most likely the single biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, keeping it in the best possible shape is vitally important. Whether you plan to sell after a few years or make it your forever home, you’ll want to make the best siding choice in order to extend your home’s longevity and increase resale value in Toledo OH, or anywhere in the U.S.


Several options compete for homeowner dollars when it comes to covering the outside of your home. The most popular choices are vinyl, brick, fiber-cement and wood. A clear understanding of the four main categories is sure to give you a good idea of your preferences and options.


Since it came on the market fifty years ago, vinyl siding has proved the most popular consumer choice for its simple installation, versatility, easy upkeep and cost-effectiveness. Other pros in the vinyl category include multiple color choices, lack of need to paint and being water and insect resistant. Critics of vinyl cite its synthetic look as a deterrent, particularly if vinyl isn’t a popular choice in your neighborhood. It can also crack, melt and burn.


Brick is made from fired clay, and provides a durable, time-tested option for homeowners. Its other assets include light maintenance and long life span. As a veneer, brick is separated from the wood structure by a membrane that protects well against water damage as well as from weather and animals. Since bricks must be laid one at a time and carefully separated with mortar, a brick and mortar building is best done by a professional installer. Brick has one of the highest costs for installation, but done well, brick cladding will last the lifetime of the building.

Fiber Cement

Several different manufacturers produce fiber cement siding, but one of the most popular is Hardie board. Although roughly 40% more in price, fiber cement’s durability, flame-resistance, low maintenance and termite-resistance make it an ideal choice for a homeowner that wants to upgrade from vinyl but doesn’t want the increased cost and headaches associated with wood. Fiber cement comes in a limited number of colors and eventually needs to be refinished and repainted. Factory warranties on the paint are usually in the 25 year range. Homeowners can expect higher costs for installation due to the weight of the material used (installed wall sheathing on a moisture barrier) and a greater number of workers needed to install it.


Wood is one of the oldest and most desirable ways to beautify and protect the outside of your home. Whether you choose shingle, shake, clapboard (also known as bevel or lap) or logs, wood offers traditional charm at its best. However, many cons exist in addition to its significant aesthetic benefits. Wood is one of the most expensive options and is susceptible to insects, woodpeckers, rodents, fire, rot and other weather damage. It should be professionally installed, and needs to be painted, stained or otherwise treated to reach its full life expectancy (50-100 years).

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