Top Trends to Watch for in Home Remodeling

Many homeowners have a long list of projects that will take the home they have and transform it into the home of their dreams. An experienced home improvement contractor can look at your wish list and help you make those on-trend changes and you’ll enjoy your time at home even more.

Luxury living room, newly remodeled home.

Invest in the Space You Have

Many first time homebuyers enter the market with a “starter home”, intending to upgrade later on after building some equity. With the housing market, economic climate, and current interest rates as they are, many homeowners who intended to move on may find themselves looking at a market that doesn’t support that plan. Yet this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. One of the top trends in 2024 is moving away from the concept of a new space and putting the focus on improving the space you have. Rather than buying another home, you can invest in improving your current home, which is often a much smarter financial and logistical decision, especially now.

Create a Multi-Generational Space

In recent years, families are finding themselves sharing a space with generations at different stages in life. Adult children remain home longer to save for their future, and older generations are finding their best retirement option is with their family. Home remodeling contractors are ready for this trend. A contractor can help you fit your complete family in your current home by adding an in-law or post grad suite that allows families to stay together while still maintaining independence from each other. This can be done by closing off an underutilized space from an open concept, adding an addition, converting a garage, or finishing a basement or attic.

Design Your Home to Be Customized for Your Family

Several years ago the remodeling trend was all about creating a perfect home for buyers that would sell quickly, even if the concept didn’t entirely fit the current homeowners. In 2024, the trend is less about remodeling solely for resale value and more about customizing a home that is perfect for your family. Contractors are taking time to work with homeowners to find what makes their ideal home. Many homeowners are considering their own needs and adding a dedicated home office for remote work, a play room for their kids, a mud room to contain mess and clutter, and a spa-like bathroom where they can relax. The events of the recent past have impressed upon all homeowners that your home can be your sanctuary and a place where you can have all your needs met. If you are going to be home, your home needs to fit you.

Think of Future Needs When Remodeling

Many homeowners are beginning to think about what their needs will be down the line. Is your current home one you can comfortably retire in even if your mobility decreases? Rather than finding themselves with the need to sell quickly to move into assisted living, many homeowners are thinking about remodeling choices that will not only allow them to be comfortable now, but will allow them to age in place. For example, when looking to design an updated bathroom, it is smart to think about accessibility options that will allow you to age in place even if mobility becomes a concern. Your home remodeling contractor can help you design a remodeled space that is not only on trend now, but can meet your future needs.

Invest in the Durability of Your Home

We have seen an increase in severe weather and environmental concerns, and homeowners need to make sure their home can withstand whatever elements come their way. Severe storms and natural disasters mean an increased need for stronger windows, a new and durable roof, a whole home generator that can withstand long-term power outages, and a garage or outbuilding to protect cars and other equipment and vehicles stored outdoors. In addition to investing in the durability of your home, investing in new windows or a new roof can increase the energy efficiency of your home, lowering your energy bills and making your home more comfortable.

New Neutrals

The cool and sterile trend of shades of gray and white is on its way out. Homeowners are ready to abandon this neutral in favor of connecting to nature with natural wood and warm wood shades. This trend is appearing in the addition of wood paneling, hardwood floors in natural tones, and warm wooden accents. In addition, homeowners are moving from the impersonal and minimalist gray designs to adding their own style and personality with texture in tiling with creative pops of color for personality.

Creative Storage Can Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

The minimalist trend may still be around, as clutter is never in style, but rather than eliminating what homeowners need, incorporating built-ins can keep your necessities tucked away. Many home remodeling contractors are finding creative solutions for storage using built-in bookcases, storage units that can be closed off and contained when necessary, and custom designed spaces in mudrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, playrooms, and offices that will help your home looking tidy and organized, no matter what you need to store.

This year is all about taking the space you have and making it the perfect space for you, and All-Nu Construction can help. We have the local experience and skilled craftsmen you need to make your home improvement plans a success. Contact us today to learn more.