Streamline Your Galley Kitchen with a Renovation

A galley kitchen is best known for limited space and a hallway-style layout, but with the right design, galley kitchens can feel bright and more open. Yes, a galley kitchen is usually laid out like a hallway, with two walls lining a narrow walkway, and often, there doesn’t seem room to gather, but there are many clever ways to streamline your space. In fact, with the right galley kitchen renovation, your kitchen space can become a focal point of your home.

Cozy modern kitchen with great lighting and bright white tile backsplash.

Make Your Galley Kitchen Pop with Accent Tile and Burst of Color

Whether you use accent tiles on the exposed walls or highlight features with color in your design, accent tiles can make your galley kitchen look cheerful and bright. It’s long been thought that a white galley kitchen would have the impression of being larger or more open, but in fact, a galley kitchen in monochrome can actually look boring and closed in. With pops of color and accents in décor, the kitchen can appear brighter, and the remainder of the décor, if it is monochrome, will look more streamlined.

Extra Storage Can Streamline Your Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens can be renovated with an abundance of cabinets and drawers that will fill both sides of the walkway. With so many storage spaces, your counters won’t need to be cluttered with appliances. You can keep your countertops clear, which will open up visual space and make the kitchen feel a lot bigger than it really is.

When Considering Galley Kitchen Ideas, Think Vertical!

Your galley kitchen may be small in square footage, but having two walls of space allows you to make use of vertical space. Don’t hesitate to take your renovation up! Floor to ceiling cabinets will also give the impression of a much larger space. As previously mentioned with the utilization of extra storage, taking that storage vertical will give you storage spaces for all the things you need in a kitchen.

Think Style and Function When Renovating Your Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen doesn’t have to be designed in a specific style to feel streamlined. Utilitarian, Boho, wooden, retro, monochrome, or modern can all be incorporated into your galley kitchen ideas. If the function is there, any style can be utilized. Some homeowners will take all their extra vertical storage and use glass cabinets to reflect the light. Others will use a single color, such as gray or white, for the majority of the space, but break up the monochrome with a colorful runner.

Use Lighting to Make Your Galley Kitchen Feel Open

The biggest piece to open your galley kitchen is good light. If natural light isn’t enough – or isn’t possible in the space – talk to your kitchen renovation specialist about a lighting design that will brighten your space. Lighting under the upper level of cabinets, lighting above the upper cabinets, and a stylish lighting fixture over the center will all make the space feel more open.

After a renovation, the galley kitchen ideas you implemented may take your space from feeling like a cramped hallway to being one of the most stylish spaces in your home. Using pops of color, creative storage ideas, and plenty of light can really transform your space. Galley kitchens can truly be spectacular with the right design. Contact All-Nu Construction to learn more about how we can turn your small galley kitchen into something worth talking about.