Is Your Skylight Leaking? Call A Roofing Contractor

What to do when your skylight is leaking? All-Nu Construction

In spite of the beauty and purpose of the skylight, leakage on them can be a nuisance.

A leakage on these windows is a common indicator of a potential roof problem. At the first sign of a leak in your skylight, you should contact a roofing contractor to address the problem.

Not doing so can lead to more damage and risk a more expensive repair.

Identify the Problem

Before you contact any roofing company for a roofing repair estimate, be sure of the problem. Make sure the roof leakage is genuine not just a condensation from the inside that trickled down. If the glass lid was opened some time back, check on its leakage ability. Does your skylight leak during winters only? If so, check for snow debris that might block the downward flow of water.

Causes of Leakage

Some common causes of skylight leakage might be:

  • The flashing paths might be damaged
  • Lack of roof maintenance
  • Humidity condensation problem


A routine inspection can avoid skylight problem. This check is one of the best ways to determine the probability of the leakage and the best course of action.

You must also have ways to control your room humidity levels. During the colder months, you might see a rise in the humidity level in the room with the skylight. Such might come from the laundry or the bathrooms which can result in condensation around the skylight glass. Therefore, to avoid condensation around the frames which may lead to leaks, it is essential to have an appropriate ventilation system.

During the cold season clean your roof off the snow as fast as possible. It should be done quickly but carefully not to damage the roof structure. This avoids the creation of ice dams that block drainage. Ice dams can cause the moisture to seep into the skylight or the roof.


If the frame of an insulated glass allowed some water to pass, the roofing repair is imminent. In the case where some water enters the window structure, it damages the insulated glass seal. Thus a re-seal to prevent water leakage must be done around the insulating glass. But in some cases, it may be wiser to replace the entire skylight. Such action will do away with the opaque glass and the condensation issue.

In most cases, skylights have unique flashing kits that are specifically created for skylights. If the flashing material is the source of leakage, they must be sealed. Flashing cement should be used to offer temporary repair to your skylight or roof. It can be used to seal holes or gaps in the flashing thus preventing leaks. However, this is only a temporary fix that will help you plan for the replacement of the flashing and/or new roofing shingles.

Your Next Steps

Before settling for anything regarding the leaks; diagnosis of the real problem is crucial. Take a look at your skylight and find out the cause of the leak.

This will help you know if it can be a simple repair or you need professional help from a roofing contractor like All-Nu Construction. If you have a skylight that is leaking in your home, contact us today for a free quote.