Leaky Roof? Now What!

Leaky Roof? Now What!

Do you see a water stain forming in your ceiling? Is there water leaking from your ceiling or roof, causing water to pool below it? If this is a situation that you find yourself in, you’ll want to know what action you should take yourself or by hiring a roofing contractor. A leak in your roof will only grow worse the longer it’s left unaddressed, potentially causing serious damage to the roof or structure of your home as well as water damage to any belongings that stand in its way.

How to Contain the Leak

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how you can contain the leak so that it causes as little damage as possible. If you spot a water stain on your ceiling, then it probably means that water is pooling on the other side. Find a bucket or a similar container (such as a trash can) and situate it below the stain. This way, if it grows worse and water starts dripping down, it won’t pool onto your floor where it can cause water damage.

If the stain is bulging on the ceiling, then you’ll want to relieve the pressure. Once you’ve set up a container, carefully climb up to the bulge in the ceiling using a ladder. Have someone hold the ladder for you to ensure your safety. Puncture a hole in the middle of the bulge. This will cause the water on the other side to come dripping down into the container.

If you’re wondering why you would do this, it helps relieve the pressure the water on the other side is putting on your ceiling. By doing this, you prevent a larger part of your ceiling from being damaged by this pressure. If water continues to accumulate, it could cause the entire ceiling to collapse.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a professional roofer to come to fix the leak.

Preventing Leaks

You should do everything that you can to prevent leaks from occurring. Leaks are often indicative of other problems that your roof might have and can sometimes be expensive to fix, especially if you don’t notice the leak for some time. The best way to prevent leaks from occurring is to schedule a thorough roof inspection twice a year. During an inspection, a professional roofer will evaluate the condition of your roof and fix any roof leaks that they find as well as address any issues that could potentially lead to leaks in the future.

Besides scheduling routine roof inspections, you should also perform quick inspections on your own on a regular basis. These inspections should be done following a storm when your roof is most prone to potential damage. You can simply inspect your roof visually by walking around the exterior of your property and by going up to the attic to check on the roof’s condition from the inside. Do not go up on the roof yourself. When performing such an inspection, look for:

  • Dark spots on your ceiling
  • Spots in the attic where light is shining through
  • Areas in the roof or ceiling that are sagging
  • Damaged shingles (such as shingles that are peeling, broken, rotten, warped, or buckling)
  • Missing shingles or flashing
  • Obvious damage (such as holes in the roof)

If you have a leaky roof or suspect that you have a leaky roof, be sure to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible to prevent it from growing worse. To schedule a roof inspection or to request a free estimate, be sure to contact us at All-Nu Construction in Toledo, OH, today.