Home Improvements that Will Never Go Out of Style

When homeowners are ready for a house renovation, they may not know where to begin. Which improvements will improve resale value? Which improvements will increase their functionality, comfort, or increase the aesthetic appeal? Is a trend seen in a home improvement show a fad or timeless? The fact is that tastes change. No matter what you do, a new homeowner will likely want to make their own changes to make the home their own. Therefore, it’s important not to focus on what someone else might want, but rather what works for you. However, this doesn’t mean that every trend is worth following. There are some home improvements that will add style, function, and staying power to your home’s style.Married couple looking over home improvement plans.


Most homeowners are drawn to the clean beauty of minimalist spaces seen in design blogs, articles, and television shows, but find that these styles are impractical for a home that will be lived in by a real family. The way to balance these opposing forces is to find a storage solution that will keep the clutter at bay. Built-ins can hide media equipment and cables, provide a space for books, and leave space for art and accessories to add character. You have the solution to clutter and the architectural interest in one when you invest in built-ins. Nearly every space in your home can benefit from this home improvement project.

Banquette Seating

Breakfast nooks with banquette seating allow you to make the most of your kitchen space while creating a cozy place for your family. You can enjoy a nook with banquette seating as a place to eat, help with homework, or play games together. A booth style banquette can be designed with built in drawers for additional storage, or a U-shaped banquette can provide a cozy space with the opportunity for a stylish pendant light.

Curbless Showers

The concept of “aging in place” is popular right now, and many homeowners are choosing house renovations that will allow them to stay in their home as their mobility decreases, while still maintaining style. Curbless showers will give your bathroom a sleek, streamlined look, but will also reduce a barrier for older adults who may struggle with stepping over a tub wall to enter the shower. These showers can be designed with stylish benches and handheld shower heads that can be used now for convenience, or in the future when accessibility becomes a necessity.


Mudrooms are both beneficial to your family now and will always help your home appeal to buyers in the future. Having a “drop zone” at an entryway with easy clean flooring, hooks, cubbies, and storage will help contain clutter and keep the main living area of your house clean and organized, even during inclement weather. Many families take advantage of their mudroom to create a “family command center” where all the central information needed is contained.

Home Office Spaces

Even though we are no longer at the height of the pandemic, more and more companies are embracing the work from home culture, and a home office has moved from a luxury to a necessity. However, this doesn’t mean you need to dedicate a full room. A good home renovation contractor can help you convert a hallway, alcove, or small space into a perfect home office.

Starting Your House Renovation

The first step when starting a house renovation is to make a plan, prioritize your wish list, and set a budget. You need to know how much you are working with before you start renovating. After you have your budget and plan, meet with contractors and select one you can work with. Your contractor will look at your current structure, budget, and wish list to create a house renovation plan you are happy with.

A house renovation is an exciting opportunity to make your space exactly what you want. These suggestions are timeless, but the best renovation is the one that will make your spaces beautiful and functional for your family. If you’ve been thinking about some home improvements and don’t know where to start, contact All-Nu Construction today!