The Benefits of Installing Glass Block Windows in Your Home

A very popular option for windows in a home is glass block windows. They provide a good appearance as well as an increased level of security. In Toledo OH windows made from glass blocks are also cost effective as well as energy efficient. They provide a home with an insulating value that is equal to that of a double-pane thermal window.

Window Replacement - Toledo OHIncreased Privacy
People spend a significant amount time in their bathroom. It’s a place where a person wants to have peace of mind and know their privacy will not be jeopardized. Windows made from glass blocks can assure a person bathroom privacy.

Energy Efficiency
One of the reasons for the popularity of windows made from glass blocks is their energy efficiency. Many are built in a factory setting and designed to meet federal Energy Star efficiency guidelines. This means they can have the Energy Star designation placed on the glass. These windows are airtight and made to decrease the amount of heat lost.

There are a variety of patterns available for people who want to purchase glass block windows. Some are made with a diamond and wavy patterns They are designed to permit in the most light while maintaining privacy. These can be placed in basements, garages as well as bathrooms. It’s possible to purchase some with a reflective coating. This will help control heat gain on hot days. When the sun is high in the sky, the rays can be blocked by the mortar joints between the glass blocks. This will cause a home to be cooler during the summer months.

Houses in Toledo OH that have windows of glass block have a dramatic and pleasing appearance at different areas of the home. This includes partition walls, exterior windows, shower doors and more. It is possible for people to purchase a number of different designs, colors, patterns and even etchings that are customized. These windows can even be vented to permit air flow.

Low Maintenance
To maintain a the windows of a home can be very time-consuming. Windows made from glass blocks demand little maintenance. When it comes to cleaning the grout, it can be accomplished by using a toothbrush with an abrasive cleaner. The grout will require some scrubbing and grime deposits can easily be removed. The glass block can be cleaned using a simple solution of warm water and a mild liquid soap in a spray bottle. The cleaning solution can be removed with a dampened cloth.

Determining Cost
The size of the area to have glass block windows installed will impact the cost. It will also affect the price paid for materials and labor. Many installers and suppliers in Toledo OH will be able to reduce their costs with larger areas. It’s best to have all desired areas receive windows made with glass blocks done at one time. When these windows are installed in increments, the combined final costs may be much more. Some are installed like bricks with mortar between them. When acrylic glass blocks are used, they can be installed using an alternate method of an interlocking PVC joint systems.

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