Estimating How Much Your New Roof Will Cost

Your location, the materials you choose, and how big your roof is all contribute to the cost of replacing your roof. Most homeowners know that a new roof is a major investment, and one they will likely only make once. When it is time for a roof replacement, the first question most will have is related to what this whole project will cost. This information is important, because if you don’t know how much a new roof will cost, you also don’t know how to budget for it and how to ultimately pay for it. There are a few things that will help you estimate the cost of your new roof.

Nice house with a new roof on a sunny day with blue skies in the background.

What is the Average Price of a New Roof in Your Area?

If you try to find the average price of a new roof and don’t specify your area, you can get a number that isn’t right. When doing a basic search, you will often find there is a wide range, usually estimating the average price of a new roof somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000. This is a big range, but there are good reasons for this variable. There can be a significant difference between the average price of a new roof in the Northeast versus the South, and a big difference between the Midwest and the West coast. Rather than looking for a national average, look for the average price in your area.

What Factors Go into the Price of a New Roof?

Location matters, but materials, size, and other factors matter too. You may be shocked to learn what your neighbor paid for his new roof but find that they chose a different material that greatly impacted the bottom line.

The Square Footage of Your Roof

Size is probably the biggest factor in estimating the price. Roofers charge by what is known as a roofing square. A roofing square is a 10×10 area (100 square feet). You will often get quoted a price “per square”.  Knowing how large your roof is can help you understand the potential cost of a new roof. If your home is small, your costs will be lower, if your home is large, the cost will be too.


You will have a choice between several different roofing materials. A basic asphalt shingle will likely be the cheapest option. Metal, wood, and tile will all cost more, with a slate roof coming in as the highest cost. Even asphalt shingles, the most popular option, have several styles and price points which will all impact your bottom line. When looking for the average price of a new roof, take this into consideration as well.


If your roof has water damage, a steep pitch, a complex design, skylights and chimneys, or other repairs needed, these will all factor into your overall price. A steep pitch means that your roofing crew will have to be harnessed and won’t be able to have materials with them while on the roof, adding to both time and insurance costs. Working around, and potentially repairing flashing around skylights and chimneys adds to the labor. Tearing off a heavy roof adds to labor as well.  When you are getting your estimates, these factors will be taken into consideration, but some, like water damage, may not be apparent until after the removal of your old roof.

When it comes to replacing your roof, it’s important to be informed. Understanding your roof and the factors in your roof replacement will better help you plan for how much your roof will cost. Looking at replacing your roof as an investment in your home can help ease the concerns of spending so much money on one project. When you factor in all the things your roof is protecting, and the cost of ignoring signs that your roof is in need of replacing, it can help you see that a new roof is totally worth the investment, and may even save you money and headaches later on. Contact All-Nu Construction today for an on-site estimate today.