What is Causing the Mold on My Roof?

What causes mold on my roof?

As time progresses, there is a good chance mold will grow on your roof. If you leave roof mold alone, it will eventually damage your home, requiring possibly hiring a roofing contractor. Let’s take a look at how you can identify mold on your roof, why it forms and what can be done to stop it from spreading.

What Does Roof Mold Look Like?

If you spot black stains or black streaks on your shingles, it is much more than regular wear and tear that is an eyesore. These streaks and stains are likely mold. Mold attaches to roof shingles and can cause significant damage if left untreated. The scientific term for such mold is Gloeocapsa Magma, commonly referred to as “GM”. Roof mold is also referred to as fungus. Such Cyanobacteria obtain the strength it needs to thrive by way of photosynthesis

Mold also survives and spreads thanks to the limestone filler found in the shingles themselves. Contemporary shingles are made of limestone and fiberglass. Such algae feed on the limestone. Mold thrives on the cooler, well-covered sections of roofs where moisture exists. Its presence will inevitably attract numerous other forms of life that will damage your property.

The Issue of Lichen

When fungus and algae combine, they form lichen. This is a photosynthetic fungus with roots that loop around roof shingle granules. It feeds on mold’s nutrients as well as shingle filler.  Even if lichen dries out, it has the potential to return when there is rain or moisture. It is quite challenging to remove lichen from roofs. Do not attempt to scrub or power wash it off your roof as such efforts can cause even more damage. This cleaning project will require the assistance of an experienced roofing team. Professional roof experts have specialized equipment that will clean your roof in the careful manner suggested by the roof manufacturer. This cleaning often involves the use of a chemical treatment applied at a low pressure.

Mold is a Threat to Every Home

It does not matter where a home is built, how tall it is or what materials are used for construction. There will always be the potential for mold to grow on the roof. There is a common misconception that such mold growth is strictly limited to homes built in extremely warm and humid areas. However, homeowners across the world are dealing with roof mold problems. Aside from looking unsightly, mold and lichens have the potential to eat into your roof shingles and right on into the roof deck. This can cause significant wood rot. Once wood rots, moisture can breach the cracks and create a space that allows for even more mold growth.

If mold continues to grow and reaches your living space, it will pose a significant health risk to your health. So don’t ignore those mold stains on your roof. Have a professional roofer clean the mold off your roof in a gentle, environmentally-friendly manner. This repair will preserve your health and your roof’s integrity, preventing expensive roof repairs from popping up before your roof deck endures lasting damage.

Roof Mold is an Issue Every Homeowner Should Take Seriously

It is an inevitability that mold will grow on your roof at some point in the future. What matters is how you respond to this threat. Be proactive, ally with a proven roofing professional, like All-Nu Construction to tackle the problem and you can nip the problem in the bud before it becomes an egregiously costly and time-consuming project.