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Is Your Skylight Leaking?

What to do when your skylight is leaking? All-Nu Construction

In spite the beauty and purpose of the skylight, leakage on them can be a nuisance.

A leakage on these windows is a common indicator of a potential roof problem. At the first sign of a leak in your skylight, you should address the problem.

Not doing so can lead to more damage and risk a more expensive repair.


Bonding Basics: How to Choose the Right Adhesive

bonding-basics-how-to-choose-the-right-adhesive-all-nu-constructionWhen it comes to adhesives for home use, there is a wide variety to choose from. But you have to be careful which types you use because certain adhesives don’t work well with all materials.

That said, we won’t get into hardcore industrial adhesives, some of which are difficult to work with, may not be user-friendly or need specialized applicators, among other things.



Is an Exterior Renovation of an Old House Practical?


In the search for the ideal home, finalizing a closure depends on buyer expectations and their finances. Today, there is greater focus on purchasing older homes for a variety of reasons:

  • Downsizing for families needing less square footage
  • Costlier exterior renovations in newer houses
  • Less cost for old house renovations and property upgrades


5 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

five benefits of residential window tinting all constructionTinting your residential windows is beneficial for protecting your home, your valuables as well as your wallet. With the tinting treatment, you can effectively deter thieves from targeting your home, ensuring you will not have to replace stolen electronics and furniture. It will also reduce your consumption of electricity, thereby reducing your heating and cooling bills. Continue reading below to discover the five benefits of tinting your residential windows.

Skylight Installation and Your Contractor

skylight installation all-nu construction windowSkylights offer a wide variety of benefits to a home. These add-ons allow for far more natural light to enter a room than a traditional window alone and also make the room seem much larger than it actually is. Here is a quick rundown on how a skylight is installed and what a homeowner should expect from the process and the contractor doing the job:


Reasons to Consider Replacing Commercial Windows

window installation workers

Replacing your commercial windows might seem like a somewhat expensive investment, but it’s one that is sometimes necessary – especially when you consider the fact that window replacement can often save you money over the long term. The following are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your commercial windows:

1. Improve your building’s energy efficiency

If your building’s energy costs seem high, it could be because your windows are inefficient. If your HVAC system is producing heat or cold air that escapes through your windows, it means that your HVAC system is going to have to use more energy to replace the heat or cool air that was lost. Additionally, it will have to fight against any outdoor air that manages to come through your windows.

New commercial windows will help keep the air your HVAC system produces inside and keep outdoor air outside, thereby helping to improve your building’s energy efficiency while drastically reducing energy costs.

2. Improve your building’s comfort

Older windows often tend to do a poor job of preventing air from penetrating through the glass. When this happens, it makes it difficult to keep your building at your desired comfort levels. For example, during the winter you’ll probably run the heat. However, if your windows allow heat to escape and cold air to enter, then it will be difficult to keep your building at your desired temperature.

3. Protect merchandise and furniture

Newer windows tend to use double pane glass as well as anti-UV coatings.This helps to prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows and causing damage. Older windows do not boast these kinds of features. Furniture, flooring, and merchandise will fade over time if exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a regular basis.

4. Improve your building’s curb appeal

All commercial windows are going to begin showing some wear and tear the older that they get. Even if your windows aren’t completely broken down, you should still consider replacing them if they do exhibit wear. New windows will help to improve your building’s curb appeal, which helps to attract customers.

Windows that are beginning to show their age often don’t look good, which will reflect poorly on your company’s image. If you don’t put any effort into caring for your building’s appearance, customers may think that you’ll put just as little effort into your products or services.

5. Improve your building’s security and safety

Your windows have a big impact on the security of your building. Worn down windows are easier to break into. Newer windows will have more effective locking mechanisms.

Not to mention that newer windows are easier to operate than older windows. Whereas older windows often weigh more and are more difficult to lift open, newer windows should be easy for anyone inside to operate. This greatly improves the safety of anyone inside your building in case they need to exit through one of your windows during an emergency.

Replacing your older, inefficient commercial windows can increase efficiency, comfort, curb appeal, security and safety, all of which can help you save money over the long term.

5 Eco-Friendly Home Renovations that are Durable and Pocket Friendly

Green Building And Alternative EnergiesIf you think that your home needs renovation, because it could do with an upgrade or you wish to renovate it before putting it up for sale, then perhaps you should consider an eco-friendly approach to home renovation. You have a choice in ideas, concepts, materials, and designs that not only offer functional esthetics but do so at affordable rates.

Consider these five ideas:

1. Eco-friendly flooring

Eco-friendly flooring renovation options, such as bamboo and cork flooring, recycled metal and glass tiles, linoleum flooring, and recycled clay tiles, can add to the décor of any room. They are easy to paint and offer many unique attributes. Cork, for example, has anti-microbial properties and also keeps insects at bay. Bamboo grows fast and is easily harvested in a sustainable manner. It can be customized in ways that traditional wood flooring cannot.

2. Solar power

A home renovation is a good time to install solar panels on your property. Installed on the roof or in the yard, these panels generate clean energy that can help you run appliances at home. Once, the panels have paid for themselves via the free electricity they generate, you can save valuable dollars for years by reducing your dependence on fossil-fuel based electricity supplied by the grid.

3. Rain garden

A rain garden in your yard is an easily implemented renovation. Rain gardens consist of plants and shrubs in depressions sunk in the ground. A naturally low-lying spot in the yard is a good place for a rain garden. They trap and soak rainwater, which would otherwise cause erosion, pick up pollutants, and then flow into water bodies such as lakes and rivers. Rain gardens help replenish the water table. They are easy to maintain and add to curb appeal.

4. Low emissivity glass

Low emissivity glass for windows and patio doors regulate home temperatures naturally and help bring down home air conditioning costs all through the year. This renovation consists of a simple replacement of clear glass with low emissivity glass for windows and doors. Low emissivity glass with a transparent metallic coating lets sunlight stream in from outside while blocking heat. Your rooms will remain cool without the HVAC having to work overtime. In winter, the coating on such glass prevents heat within from radiating to the colder space outside. Again, you save on heating costs.

5. Reface cabinets

Refaced cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms are not just money savers; as an eco-friendly option, they help maintain indoor air quality and ensure that you do not ingest harmful chemicals over time. Use water-based finishes for coloring the wood. These finishes are free of volatile, organic compounds.

An environment-friendly home upgrade is also a budget-friendly one. What is more, you can accrue savings for years. Evaluate your needs and explore eco-friendly alternatives.

Five Ways That New Windows Can Help You Save on Monthly Bills

Window replacement isn’t usually something most people want to do, but in areas like Toledo OH, it pays to take the plunge. The harsh, cold winters and humid summers make it difficult to keep your home a comfortable temperature, but it’s not impossible. Remembering that the main reason your furnace or AC has to keep pumping air is because the warm or cool air it pumps is changed in temperature often too quickly because of the intrusion of outside air primarily through windows. Let’s take a look at five ways window replacement can lower your monthly bills.

Large four pane window looking on summer backyard with pool and

  • Harsh Ultraviolet Rays. Ever noticed that your carpet or furniture directly in front of a window has faded over time? That’s because the sun’s UV rays are harsh on fabrics and other types of material. It causes things to break down more quickly and essentially bleaches color.
  • Air Leaks. The northern Ohio winters are cold, and that cold air so easily finds it way into the small cracks and gaps in the windows that you have, especially if they’re older. The expansion and contraction of material with the seasonal temperature causes gaps to form and can even cause cracks in the window pane itself. Not to mention how much money you’ll spend trying to keep the cool air in your house during those hot, humid summers when the cold air is leaking out of the house. Not only has age deteriorated old windows and the weather altered them, but windows today are so much higher quality and efficient at keeping the air inside your house and the air outside your house separate. They’re built with different standards than older windows.
  • Maintenance. Newer windows require little to no maintenance at all, while older windows require more each year. Older wooden windows require painting and protection from the hard outside weather. This is also where many of them succumb to the problems listed above.
  • Increases home value. Your home is likely your largest investment and it pays to take care of it, whether you’re planning on selling or not. But while new windows can make you more comfortable inside, they are also often listed as one of the key factors in selling a home. They increase a home’s value tremendously, as home buyers are already aware of the effect they have on monthly bills, plus they just look a lot more attractive than older windows to a potential buyer.
  • Federal tax credits. Those looking to replace their windows to new, more efficient windows can apply for a federal tax credit to help pay for some of the cost of the windows. It’s not necessary to replace all your windows to get the credit, but they must be Energy Star qualified.

Why don’t you imagine sitting in your home in Toledo OH while you’re comfortable with the temperature, and you’re comfortable with the monthly bill you pay to enjoy that temperature. It sounds pretty nice. It’s what we all want when we come in from the outside cold or heat. And it’s where window replacement can help.

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The Benefits of Installing Glass Block Windows in Your Home

A very popular option for windows in a home is glass block windows. They provide a good appearance as well as an increased level of security. In Toledo OH windows made from glass blocks are also cost effective as well as energy efficient. They provide a home with an insulating value that is equal to that of a double-pane thermal window.

Window Replacement - Toledo OHIncreased Privacy
People spend a significant amount time in their bathroom. It’s a place where a person wants to have peace of mind and know their privacy will not be jeopardized. Windows made from glass blocks can assure a person bathroom privacy.

Energy Efficiency
One of the reasons for the popularity of windows made from glass blocks is their energy efficiency. Many are built in a factory setting and designed to meet federal Energy Star efficiency guidelines. This means they can have the Energy Star designation placed on the glass. These windows are airtight and made to decrease the amount of heat lost.

There are a variety of patterns available for people who want to purchase glass block windows. Some are made with a diamond and wavy patterns They are designed to permit in the most light while maintaining privacy. These can be placed in basements, garages as well as bathrooms. It’s possible to purchase some with a reflective coating. This will help control heat gain on hot days. When the sun is high in the sky, the rays can be blocked by the mortar joints between the glass blocks. This will cause a home to be cooler during the summer months.

Houses in Toledo OH that have windows of glass block have a dramatic and pleasing appearance at different areas of the home. This includes partition walls, exterior windows, shower doors and more. It is possible for people to purchase a number of different designs, colors, patterns and even etchings that are customized. These windows can even be vented to permit air flow.

Low Maintenance
To maintain a the windows of a home can be very time-consuming. Windows made from glass blocks demand little maintenance. When it comes to cleaning the grout, it can be accomplished by using a toothbrush with an abrasive cleaner. The grout will require some scrubbing and grime deposits can easily be removed. The glass block can be cleaned using a simple solution of warm water and a mild liquid soap in a spray bottle. The cleaning solution can be removed with a dampened cloth.

Determining Cost
The size of the area to have glass block windows installed will impact the cost. It will also affect the price paid for materials and labor. Many installers and suppliers in Toledo OH will be able to reduce their costs with larger areas. It’s best to have all desired areas receive windows made with glass blocks done at one time. When these windows are installed in increments, the combined final costs may be much more. Some are installed like bricks with mortar between them. When acrylic glass blocks are used, they can be installed using an alternate method of an interlocking PVC joint systems.

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Could New Windows Help You Save on Energy Bills?

If your home’s window frames or sills are rotted, or the glazing is cracked and paint is flaking away, it’s time to think about new windows. Leaky, old windows can cost a homeowner plenty of cash in heating and cooling costs and cause other problems as well. They also can detract from a home’s overall appearance, making it unattractive.

Window on sky background. Shining clean glasses contast with sky.

Old Windows Can Make Life Miserable

Drafty windows make a house a very uncomfortable place to live. Rooms are boiling hot in summer and icy cold in winter. Also, single pane, old-style windows often fog up and drip condensation, causing rotted wood, mold and mildew that can contribute to allergies. Windows today, with their dramatically improved technology, not only perform much better than old ones, they actually increase the value of the house and make it a much healthier place for your family to live.

The Worst Window You Can Have

The worst offenders in the world of windows are the single-pane windows. If you replace these type windows with new windows in an average-size house in the area of Toledo OH, your energy savings could amount to as much as $465 per year in heating and cooling costs. These figures were provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These figures are a calculated average, compiled from the energy performance of many homes near the Toledo OH area. Individuals not included in this study have reported higher figures, sometimes as much as $50 per month.

Other Factors You Should Consider

Not only do drafty windows invite the inclement weather to come inside your house, they contribute heavily to noise pollution and sun damage inside of your home. Windows that are new will make your house much more quiet, shielding it from the street noise outside. Solar damage can also be controlled with Low-E glass that reflects the sun and will reduce fading of furniture and decorative fabrics. Also, new, super-insulating windows can extend the life of the home’s heating and cooling equipment because they don’t have to work as hard in a well-insulated space.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Professional

Study the wealth of material on the Internet. Then take the time to speak with a knowledgeable window representative or a local contractor in the Toledo OH area. These professionals can show you how quality, new windows installed in your home can dramatically improve your life. They can also provide you with an accurate cost estimate of the job and a high-quality installation.

Buy The Best Quality Windows You Can Afford

You should buy the best quality windows you can afford. It makes sense because you are purchasing a superior product that will perform better for you and your family in the long run. Also, if the house is sold, you can regain up to 77% of the original cost of the windows in the selling price of the house.

For The Budget Conscious

Old windows can be replaced a few at a time. This plan will allow the homeowner to spread out the cost over a longer period.

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