What to do if You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

Close up picture of a residential roof against a blue sky.

Emergency roof repair is something no homeowner wants to face. Most emergency roof repair is due to weather, fire, or animal damage. Storms can tear shingles from the roof and cause trees or tree limbs to fall and penetrate the roof. Fire will destroy anything in its path. Raccoons and squirrels can find a piece of rotted wood and chew through them, creating sizable holes rather quickly. When your roof is in need of emergency repair, you’ll know, and you need to act fast alongside a roofing repair contractor.

Don’t Panic

First, stay safe. If your home has been damaged, get to a safe space. Protecting your family is your first priority.

You can’t do anything until the storm has passed or the fire is out. A roofing repair contractor will get there as quickly as possible once it’s safe to do so. Don’t panic and try to assess the damage yourself or attempt a DIY repair. The risk is too high, and once the damage is done, it’s done. Make sure your family is safe, and then start making calls. Be very wary of anyone who approaches you before you can reach out on your own. There are storm chasers who capitalize on panic and fear. Although you do need to act right away, you have enough time to take a breath and make the right calls on your own. The last thing you want to do is hire a roofer in haste only to find out later they weren’t capable of handling your repair or roof replacement effectively.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Your homeowner’s insurance has a procedure for emergency damage. They will be able to get someone out quickly to assess the damage and provide references. Document any loss and damages in writing and take photos. In the case of a major storm, your agent will likely be dealing with many clients who need assistance, but you should still expect major damage to be met with a quick response.

Find a Roofing Repair Contractor

Unlike typical roof replacement, emergency roof repair doesn’t give you the advantage of taking your time. Still, you can take a little time to get references. Once a contractor has secured the roof with a tarp and protected your home from further damage, you can take your time and get estimates on the repair or replacement. A roofing repair contractor will thoroughly inspect the damage and work with your insurance company to make sure that your home is secure and protected from further damage.

Address Water Infiltration First

Once your roof has a hole in it, water can get in easily. Before the major repair, a quick repair with a protective cover will be installed to prevent any further interior or structural damage. Emergency tarping isn’t pretty, but it buys time to assess the damage and work with the insurance company to determine the next steps.

If your roof needs emergency repair, it’s easy to panic and make poor decisions in a hurry. A roofing repair contractor will understand your concerns and work with both you and your insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, making your home safe and secure once more. If you’re faced with a roof repair or replacement, contact All-Nu Construction for a free estimate.