What Should You Know Before Replacing Your Roof?

Exterior of a well-maintained house with a new roof.

If your roof is 15-20 years old and you haven’t had to go through a replacement yet, chances are very high that you’ll be going through one soon. Because this isn’t a project that homeowners go through often, they are usually overwhelmed by the process. When it’s time to find a local roof contractor and start the roof replacement process, what should you know?

How Do You Know You Need a Roof Replacement?

Sometimes it’s obvious. Maybe you have a leak or storm damage, and the roof will obviously need work to fix these issues. But when there isn’t a big problem, it’s easier to miss the signs. If you have had your current roof for over 20 years, chances are you are ready for a new one. If you notice damaged shingles, algae and dark spots, or grit coming from your downspouts, your roof is telling you it’s time to look for a local roofing contractor.

How Do You Find a Local Roof Contractor?

Once you’ve determined you need a roof replacement, finding a local roof contractor is the next step. The best way to find someone is through references. Reach out to your community and see who is recommended. Looking for local reviews online is another good way to get a list started. Staying local means that your roof contractor will have a reputation to uphold in the community. Once you have a list of recommendations, look for a roof contractor who:

  • Is licensed and insured. A roof contractor should carry both workman’s comp and liability insurance and be willing to provide you with that documentation.
  • Is able to communicate with you effectively and in a timely manner. Do they return phone calls promptly? Show up on time? Can they answer your questions? Are they professional in your interactions? Can you get in touch with them when you need to?
  • Provides a thorough inspection and estimate. A reputable roof contractor will need access to your attic and possibly your crawl space and should look at your home thoroughly, inside and out, to determine exactly what your needs are. A roof contractor who doesn’t take the time to do this is a cause for concern.
  • Has a clear and specific written contract for you to agree to, including start dates, payment schedules, materials used, permits, warranties, and all the other specifics of the job. A verbal agreement is not the same.

What Will the Process Look Like?

Although there are some things that are consistent for every roof replacement, each situation is unique based on your home and your local roof contractor and his process. Your local roof contractor can talk you through the specifics of what your job will look like, but it’s important to ask the right questions such as:

  • How will you handle disposal and removal of my old roof?
  • How will you protect my gutters and landscaping?
  • What happens in inclement weather?
  • Will you be here every day? How will I get in touch with you if I need you?

Replacing a roof can be an overwhelming project and a big investment. Hiring the right local roof contractor can make it much more manageable. A good local roof contractor will walk you through the process and leave you with the knowledge that your home will be snug, safe, and secure for many years to come. We’ve got the local experience and professional team to install your high-quality new roof that will last decades. We’re proud of our community reputation and look forward to discussing the benefits of replacing your old roof. Contact All-Nu Construction for an appointment today!