What Are the Most Common Hazards to Your Roof During Summer?

Many people consider summer to be their favorite season, but some forget to keep the safety of their roof in mind, which is a costly mistake. When you are not aware of summer hazards, then it becomes impossible to take steps to protect against them, but no matter how small, never ignore problems with your roof. If it’s left unaddressed, any damage to your roof can lead to other problems and become even more expensive to repair.

If you want to keep your roof in great shape all summer, then you might be wondering what to do so that you can achieve your goal. Your first step is to educate yourself and to learn to inspect your roof for damage.


Man Collecting Water In Bucket From Ceiling. Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .Leaks can occur during any time of the year, but they are more common in the summer months. Even if the summer is exceptionally dry, a small amount of rain is all that is needed to enter your roof and damage the inside of your house if a leak is present.

The water can get stuck on the wood boards on your roof, causing them to start rotting away, which can cause structural damage. Not only can this cause the leak to worsen, but it also creates a safety hazard, so you must take action and repair any leaks that you notice as soon as possible.


If you live in Toledo OH, then wind damage can be a real threat when your goal is to maintain the quality of your roof. Roofs that have new shingles are usually safe from high winds, but old roofs can become lose over time.

If you don’t put in the effort to ensure that they have a tight seal, then even a moderate amount of wind can rip them from your roof. Some people don’t invest any money to keep their roofs secure, and they often lose them as a result, which creates additional hazards.


Toledo OH usually experiences a few strong storms each summer, and hail damage is another common hazard of which you should be aware. Most of the hail that you will encounter is not large enough to cause serious damage, but the threat is still present.

During unusually strong storms, the resulting hail can become large enough to dent your roof and destroy your shingles. These dents are often big enough to cause leaks and expose your house to the risk of water damage. In some cases, your home insurance might cover some or all of the expenses related to hail damage.

Protecting Your Roof

Although summer weather can damage and destroy your roof, you can take steps to protect it from harm. The first step involves performing a quick visual inspection of your roof from the ground, and you can start by walking the parameter of your house. Take note of any shingles that appear cracked or damaged. When you are searching for possible hazards, also be on the lookout for any shingles that are missing or out of place.

A quick visual inspection can help you find obvious damage, but some hazards are not apparent to the untrained observer. If you want the best possible results, contacting an expert is recommended.