The Pros of Hiring a Certified Roofer


roofers-working-on-houseHiring a roofer for your Toledo OH home is a major step toward your property’s best care. Whether you’re paying for a basic repair or a complete overhaul, the right roofer must be discovered among all of the hires in the area. The best way to have a successful roofing project is through the hire of a certified roofer. These professionals have many advantages over untrained personnel that you should closely consider.

Material Expertise

Although every roofing material is similar in size and function, each manufacturer has a slightly different protocol for their installation. A certified roofer is actually experienced with a particular material’s installation because the credentials are given out by the product’s maker. Roofers must take a class, perform hands-on projects and pass tests in order to become a certified worker. As a result, your experienced roofer will know how to install certain shingles with the right fasteners in place. Lack of training leads to poor workmanship and possible leaks into the home.

Continued Education

If every Toledo OH roofer attended one certification class, everyone would have credentials. However, this scenario isn’t how certification operates. Roofers take an initial class to obtain their certification. After a year passes, they must return to the class in order to refresh their knowledge on the subject. Roofers maintain their certification with yearly classes based on specific materials. If any changes are made to the installation pattern, certified individuals will immediately learn the new information. This continuous education only helps the consumer because the contractor will always have the latest information about the installation materials.

roofer1Insurance Safety

When contractors are certified, they usually operate with more attention to detail compared to other companies. Ask for the roofer’s insurance, and they’ll be able to show you an extensive policy. Certified roofers go through a lot of trouble to be the best at their jobs. That pride also extends to insurance coverage. They know that customers want quality work, but insurance safety is also a priority. You’ll be able to see a complete policy with all of the necessary coverage. If any mistakes occur at your property, the insurance should cover them.

Lengthy Warranties

Fly-by-night contractors will promise warranties from their companies, but then they disappear from the neighborhood afterward. Certified roofing professionals work directly with the manufacturer. Because the manufacturer knows that the roofer is adding the materials as directed, a long warranty is possible. In fact, some shingles can be warrantied for their lifetime. Contractors will also extend their own workmanship warranty to a year or longer. They know that the materials are being applied in the best possible way so their warranty coverage is merely for extreme emergencies. If you ever have an issue with the roof, the contractor will fix it without a charge in most cases.

If you’re unsure of a roofer’s credentials, contact the authority that certifies local workers. Material manufacturers and unions will usually have this information in a database. By verifying the credentials, you’ll be able to safely hire the professional without any questions.