How Replacing Your Windows Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Windows have exciting new options like Argon filled panes, colored frames and low-E glass coatings. If your house is a little older or the windows let air escape, you might consider window replacement. There are many considerations when installing new windows, but your next electric bill could be the deciding factor. Learn about the benefits of new windows and when windows need replacing.

Window Replacement - Toledo OH

Energy Efficiency

To combat rising energy costs, people have become more conscientious of monitoring their thermostats, dressing appropriately and maintaining their heating and cooling systems. However, you’re probably still losing valuable heating or cooling right out your old windows.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, converting your home to an energy-efficient home may save about a third on your electric bill. This is definitely a significant amount of money for homeowners, which might make you consider newer energy-efficient windows.

When you begin shopping for energy-efficient windows in Toledo OH, watch for Energy Star labels, which indicate the most appropriate energy-saving window for your climate zone with ratings.

The National Fenestration Rating Council label also provides a huge amount of energy information on each window, which includes ratings for heat loss, solar heat, air leakage, condensation resistance and light transmittance.

Window Replacement Benefits

1) More natural light is brought into the home with larger glass surfaces and smaller frames.

2) Improved airflow increases ventilation and may improve your health and comfort while living in the home.

3) New, well-made windows increase your privacy and reduce noise from outdoors.

4) New window designs have simplified window maintenance and are so much easier to clean than older windows.

5) Double and triple-pane glass helps to conserve and reduce electric bills for homeowners.

When Should Windows be Replaced?

• Consider replacing windows that no longer slide, swing or lift easily for ventilation.

• Excessive condensation appears on the inside of windows making it difficult to see out.

• You avoid cleaning windows because it is so difficult with an older design that doesn’t offer easy cleaning.

• You can actually feel a draft coming from your window as you sit nearby and know you’re losing your cooling and heating.

New Energy Window Options

Low E-glass Coatings

New glass coatings are available that are almost invisible on glass surfaces. The coating helps to reduce damage from solar heat, while protecting carpeting, drapes, furniture and flooring in your house from UV rays.

Glass Panes

Most older homes usually have single-pane windows installed, which leak a lot of air and cause terrible drafts in some rooms. Newer energy windows come in double or triple panes, which reduce slow air leaks and are more energy-efficient.

Gas Filled Windows

Instead of dead air space between energy windowpanes, Krypton or Argon can fill the space between window panes, which helps to prevent the loss of cold or hot air through the windows. If your house has older windows that just aren’t doing the job in Toledo Oh, or you have high-energy bills, you might want to consider window replacement with new efficient energy windows.

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