Reasons to Consider Replacing Commercial Windows

window installation workers

Replacing your commercial windows might seem like a somewhat expensive investment, but it’s one that is sometimes necessary – especially when you consider the fact that window replacement can often save you money over the long term. The following are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your commercial windows:


1. Improve your building’s energy efficiency

If your building’s energy costs seem high, it could be because your windows are inefficient. If your HVAC system is producing heat or cold air that escapes through your windows, it means that your HVAC system is going to have to use more energy to replace the heat or cool air that was lost. Additionally, it will have to fight against any outdoor air that manages to come through your windows.

New commercial windows will help keep the air your HVAC system produces inside and keep outdoor air outside, thereby helping to improve your building’s energy efficiency while drastically reducing energy costs.

2. Improve your building’s comfort

Older windows often tend to do a poor job of preventing air from penetrating through the glass. When this happens, it makes it difficult to keep your building at your desired comfort levels. For example, during the winter you’ll probably run the heat. However, if your windows allow heat to escape and cold air to enter, then it will be difficult to keep your building at your desired temperature.

3. Protect merchandise and furniture

Newer windows tend to use double pane glass as well as anti-UV coatings.This helps to prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows and causing damage. Older windows do not boast these kinds of features. Furniture, flooring, and merchandise will fade over time if exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a regular basis.

4. Improve your building’s curb appeal

All commercial windows are going to begin showing some wear and tear the older that they get. Even if your windows aren’t completely broken down, you should still consider replacing them if they do exhibit wear. New windows will help to improve your building’s curb appeal, which helps to attract customers.

Windows that are beginning to show their age often don’t look good, which will reflect poorly on your company’s image. If you don’t put any effort into caring for your building’s appearance, customers may think that you’ll put just as little effort into your products or services.

5. Improve your building’s security and safety

Your windows have a big impact on the security of your building. Worn down windows are easier to break into. Newer windows will have more effective locking mechanisms.

Not to mention that newer windows are easier to operate than older windows. Whereas older windows often weigh more and are more difficult to lift open, newer windows should be easy for anyone inside to operate. This greatly improves the safety of anyone inside your building in case they need to exit through one of your windows during an emergency.

Replacing your older, inefficient commercial windows can increase efficiency, comfort, curb appeal, security and safety, all of which can help you save money over the long term.