Could New Windows Help You Save on Energy Bills?

If your home’s window frames or sills are rotted, or the glazing is cracked and paint is flaking away, it’s time to think about new windows. Leaky, old windows can cost a homeowner plenty of cash in heating and cooling costs and cause other problems as well. They also can detract from a home’s overall appearance, making it unattractive.

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Old Windows Can Make Life Miserable

Drafty windows make a house a very uncomfortable place to live. Rooms are boiling hot in summer and icy cold in winter. Also, single pane, old-style windows often fog up and drip condensation, causing rotted wood, mold and mildew that can contribute to allergies. Windows today, with their dramatically improved technology, not only perform much better than old ones, they actually increase the value of the house and make it a much healthier place for your family to live.

The Worst Window You Can Have

The worst offenders in the world of windows are the single-pane windows. If you replace these type windows with new windows in an average-size house in the area of Toledo OH, your energy savings could amount to as much as $465 per year in heating and cooling costs. These figures were provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These figures are a calculated average, compiled from the energy performance of many homes near the Toledo OH area. Individuals not included in this study have reported higher figures, sometimes as much as $50 per month.

Other Factors You Should Consider

Not only do drafty windows invite the inclement weather to come inside your house, they contribute heavily to noise pollution and sun damage inside of your home. Windows that are new will make your house much more quiet, shielding it from the street noise outside. Solar damage can also be controlled with Low-E glass that reflects the sun and will reduce fading of furniture and decorative fabrics. Also, new, super-insulating windows can extend the life of the home’s heating and cooling equipment because they don’t have to work as hard in a well-insulated space.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Professional

Study the wealth of material on the Internet. Then take the time to speak with a knowledgeable window representative or a local contractor in the Toledo OH area. These professionals can show you how quality, new windows installed in your home can dramatically improve your life. They can also provide you with an accurate cost estimate of the job and a high-quality installation.

Buy The Best Quality Windows You Can Afford

You should buy the best quality windows you can afford. It makes sense because you are purchasing a superior product that will perform better for you and your family in the long run. Also, if the house is sold, you can regain up to 77% of the original cost of the windows in the selling price of the house.

For The Budget Conscious

Old windows can be replaced a few at a time. This plan will allow the homeowner to spread out the cost over a longer period.

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