Metal Roofs are Actually Cooler Than You Think

Roofing contractor installing a residential metal roof.

If it’s time to replace your roof, you’ll start the process by finding a local roof contractor. Once you connect with the right local roof contractor, it’s time to discuss the specifics of your roof replacement, and one option that may come up is a metal roof. Most homeowners will default to asphalt roofing shingles, but there are many benefits to exploring the option of a metal roof for your home.

Understanding Metal Roofs

Many people misunderstand metal roofs. Metal heats up in the sun, so how could it possibly keep your house cool? But a traditional roof with asphalt shingles absorbs the heat from the sun. If you were to be up on your roof on a warm day, the shingles will be hot to the touch, and all that heat will be absorbed, and you will find that your attic is very warm, even after the sun has gone down. But quality metal roofing has a reflective surface, so the sun will bounce off it rather than be absorbed, and when the sun goes down, the roof cools quickly. Many homeowners find that a metal roof actually lowers their cooling bills in the summer because the roof isn’t absorbing all that heat. When a metal roof is installed with proper ventilation, the roof will stay even cooler.

Benefits of a Metal Roof

There are many benefits to installing a metal roof on your home.

  • A metal roof is low maintenance. Traditional roofing materials can be damaged in storms and will need to be repaired. A metal roof is much more durable.
  • A metal roof lasts longer. Metal roofing can last over 50 years without needing replaced, and many have warranties of 40 years. Traditional roofing materials will need to be replaced every 20 years or so.
  • Metal roofs can be made in nearly any style you want for your home. They can look like a slate or tile roof and be done in a wide range of colors.
  • Metal roofs are the “green” choice. Most metal roofs are made of recycled materials. Their long life reduces waste, and when they do need to be replaced they can be recycled. In many cases, a metal roof can be installed over your existing roof (although make sure you discuss this option with your local roof contractor), which will cut down on disposal costs and waste.
  • Metal roofs are energy efficient. Saving money on cooling over the summer is a great benefit!

Finding the Right Local Roof Contractor for Your Metal Roof

The benefits of a metal roof will only come to fruition when you have the right local roof contractor. First, you need a local contractor who will use high quality materials. Your roof contractor should understand the installation process of a metal roof, especially when it comes to efficient ventilation. A metal roof installed with proper ventilation will go a long way toward enhancing the cool, energy efficient properties they are famous for. This is important in the warm months, but also important in the winter. A metal roof without proper ventilation may allow moisture to accumulate in your attic. Talk to your local roof contractor about the installation process and the steps they will take to make sure your metal roof is performing properly.

There are many advantages to metal roofing for your home roof replacement, and your local roof contractor can guide you down the path to a cool, energy efficient, stylish new roof! Contact All-Nu Construction for more information about roof replacement and the benefits of choosing a metal roof.