How to Prevent Basement Leaks

how to prevent basement leaks all nu constructionWater leakage into your home is one of the serious issues one can ever deal with. Regardless of the extent to which water has infiltrated your basement, it is still crucial to make sure that you take control of this problem effectively. Apart from the standing water that might damage your belongings, you should also take control of any other possible factors. Basically, the first step to managing these leakages is by clearly comprehending the major opening points that lead water into your home. Here are ways to prevent basement leaks in your home.

Clean Gutters and Install Extenders 10 Ft. From the House

Make sure that gutters on your roof are well set to allow adequate collection of rain water or melts following snow. The efficiency of gutters will depend on how often you clean them.  Ensure that they are fixed in a slant that directs water to the downspouts and there is no residues that which might interfere with water flow. Proper utilization of the downspouts extensions of about 10 ft from your house can greatly help you in diverting water that would threaten the integrity of your basement.

Check for cracks on the exterior

Cracks exist in various types that may include; vertical, along the walls, horizontal and even in the floors. You will need to precisely check out for any openings within your basement. To achieve this, excavate the ground to expose all the cracks from the outside part of the foundation. After this, you will have to refill the identified cracks with hydraulic cement which expands as it dries enabling it to form a seal. Primarily, make sure that you walk around the whole building to check for any cracks.

Check the condition of the windows

In the event that you experience leaks, you should consider the state of your basement windows. Ensure that the windows are properly designed, have window wells and they have no cracks. If there is any problem with the wells, make sure that they are repaired using gravel at the base in order for water to easily collect in them for easy drainage. You should also make sure that no dirt left is to accumulate in them as this usually leads to the formation of water puddles against your windows which in return allows water to easily leak.

Change the grading of your yard so that water drains toward your yard and not your foundation

Poor grading contributes greatly to major issues of water intrusion into your basement. When water leaks into your foundation it implies that the ground inclines toward the building or permit water to pond alongside the building, instead of flowing away.  You will need to properly alter the grading of your yard in order to resolve this problem.

Make sure that all of your trees have proper clearance depending on the variety

Trees add aesthetic value to your home but also they can be a serious threat to your basement. Some of the important factors to consider when constructing a new home include ensuring that you set up a deep foundation since shallow ones are prone to root damage. Choose tree types with slow growth rate which are characterized with less aggressive roots. You can as well put up a root barrier around the foundation to keep them from approaching your building.

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