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It happens every year… just like clockwork.

Roofing material costs will increase in the next couple of weeks.

Those booking their Spring 2020 roof replacement projects can lock in today’s material pricing

All-Nu Construction, an experienced roofing contractor, has been replacing roofs and improving homes of Toledo residents for the past 30 years. We take great pride in the work we do and stand behind each and every project.

The first thing you will notice is we are different from the other guys. Our core values have been the backbone of the business from the very beginning. We treat our customers the same way we’d want someone to treat our family in the same situation.

  • We do not play the shell game. Your FREE roofing estimate will include ALL of the costs. We won’t insult you by showing you a low number and add a bunch of additional charges at the end. 
  • You will meet with the owner. Yes, one of the owners of All-Nu Construction will come to your home to meet with you and provide you the estimate. You will not have to deal with a commission-driven salesperson trying to do the one-call-close. 
  • We will explain the entire process. We want to make sure you understand everything we will do from start to finish with your project. We also understand construction projects can disrupt your normal routine. Our process is very efficient resulting in a single day turn around on most roofing projects… even larger roofs!

We have no idea when material costs will increase. We only know they definitely will.

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