Five Tips for Keeping Your Roof Safe From Damage This Winter

Ohio experiences very severe weather during the winter months, from heavy snow to high winds to ice buildup. All of these things put extra stress on a homeowner’s roof. Winter damage can be very expensive and can result in leaks, broken shingles, cracks, and even roof collapse. There are things you can do, though, to help avoid this roof damage even in the harshest Toledo OH winters. Here are five tips you can use to keep your roof safe.

1. An Inspection Is a Must

This is especially important if you know there are already weak spots in your roof. Any previous damage needs roof repair by a professional as soon as possible. If they are left weak, then you are putting your whole roof at risk of collapse during a heavy snow or ice storm. It is best to get a professional inspection, but if you are taking a preliminary look at your roof on your own, pay special attention to damaged shingles and look closely around skylights and chimneys. Look in the attic for leaks too. Finally, check the gutters and make sure they are clean and clear.

2. Consider Waterproofing

Waterproofing will not solve all problems, but it can be beneficial during the winter. After all, it will allow melting snow and ice to run off without getting into any cracks. You don’t have to replace all the shingles to do this, and there are waterproofing methods that go right on top of your existing roofing.

3. Insulate the Attic

An improperly insulated attic can be a recipe for disaster. That’s because warm air leaking out of the space can melt snow, and cold air from outside can refreeze it. This will result in very damaging ice dams. When the ice sits on the roof and builds up under new snow, this can damage shingles and cause leaks or even roof collapse. Make sure your attic is properly insulated, or install new insulation to be on the safe side. This will have the added benefit of making your whole home more energy efficient too.

4. Create Melt off Paths

If ice dams do start to form, you need to make sure they can melt without standing on the roof. You want to avoid them at all costs, but if you notice ice is forming, then use warm water to create paths for the ice melt off to run. That way, the water will drip off your roof instead of finding its way under the shingles. This is not the best solution, by far, and you need to avoid ice dams if possible. But this can help if they form.

5. Keep Snow off the Roof

Finally, one of the best things you can do is keep snow from building up on the roof. You likely already know it can be heavy and it can crack or buckle your roof. But there’s hidden ways snow can damage your roof too. It can lead to even more damaging ice buildup as it melts in the day and refreezes at night. Since snow can get thick, you may not even know it’s going on since the ice may form underneath the pile. The best way to clear away snow is with a roof rake. You can find them at most hardware stores.

If you follow these five tips, then this can go a long way toward protecting your roof no matter what this winter may throw your way in Toledo OH. And remember, always hire a professional roof repair service to take care of any winter damage.

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