Five Simple Ways That Roofers Can Strengthen Your Roof This Summer


roof trussesRoofers usually focus on the framing during residential maintenance projects because the support beams make the foundation below the shingles strong. If you constantly have to deal with leaks and other problems during summer in Toledo OH, consider hiring professional contractors. By replacing key components on and underneath your roof, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on repairs following severe weather events. Depending on your home’s design, a crew may strengthen the roof by implementing different maintenance procedures.

Roofers Can Reconstruct the Trusses

Wood planks are only strong when they’re installed in a certain direction. If the boards are mounted improperly, compression problems will develop down the road. This is why seasoned roofers always rearrange poorly constructed trusses so that every wooden board will remain strong and durable.

Contractors in Toledo Rely on Steel Materials

When professional roofers work with people who own vintage homes, they usually recommend steel materials. Because steel roof components have a protective layer that’s made of out aluminum, intense heat won’t cause any damage on a hot summer day. Steel absorbs sunlight very efficiently, so every space in a home stays cooler after the temperature outside rises. A steel roof benefits homeowners because it:

  • Lasts for 100 years
  • Can be recycled
  • Has a reasonable price tag

Aluminum Gives Toledo Contractors Options

aluminum roofIf you own a home that has a unique design scheme, you may want to invest in aluminum because it’s available in a variety of styles. On a humid day, your home will stay cool since aluminum has reflecting capabilities like steel.

Although aluminum roof supplies are very strong, they can’t manage rainwater in an efficient manner. If your neighborhood gets rain quite frequently, request an aluminum roof material that has a baked-on resin. When aluminum is cared for properly, it can remain in great condition for 50 to 100 years.

Roofers in Toledo OH Use Clay on Modern Homes

clay roofClay is a unique material because it’s manufactured in various shapes and sizes. When clay is placed on a typical home, the structure’s architectural style is enhanced dramatically. This option benefits people who need material that:

  • Won’t fade
  • Has water resistant properties
  • Can handle severe weather

If you have kids, you should make them stay in your home while the roofing crew tackles the installation process. Clay roofing supplies are very delicate and fragile when they’re not mounted on a roof, so your kids will crack the surfaces if they accidentally step on the materials.

Toledo Roofers Install Slate in Rainy Environments

Since slate is made of rock, it can handle heavy rain and high wind quite well. Slate is worth considering if you’d like to renovate your roof in an environmentally friendly way. When the product is manufactured, toxic chemicals are not used; this is why many environmental experts recommended the material during residential projects. When compared to other roofing supplies, slate is the toughest option because it fully protects a home for 100 to 200 years.