Five Pros of Basement Remodeling

Are you running out of space in your current living situation, but don’t want to move or add on an addition to your home? A basement remodel can be the perfect solution to your problem. Basement remodeling offers a number of benefits for homeowners, whether you’re a homeowner in a small town or a city like Toledo OH.

Basement Room With Stone Trim Walls

1. Extra space. The basement is typically as large as the entire first floor of your home. This means that you’re creating a ton of additional space for whatever you need without taking up additional space by creating an addition. The space is already there and only needs to be remodeled before it can be put to use. You can turn your current ranch home into a fully-functional 2-story home or turn your limited 2-story home into a 3-story with more potential and capabilities.

2. Versatility. Additions have limitations on how they can be used because they require additional space and can make your home appear awkward from the outside if not properly designed. The ideal addition blends right in with the rest of your home, which can be a complicating project. Your basement has more flexibility in how the space can be used. You aren’t limited and can customize the space to your liking, whether you want to turn it into a few extra bedrooms, create a large playroom for your children or turn it into a living space for a friend or relative.

3. Energy efficiency. Basement remodeling can save on your heating and cooling costs. A remodel that includes adding extra insulation, sealing all the cracks around the windows and walls and adding sheet rock or a finished floor will reduce the amount of cold air that drafts in during the winter and cool air that escapes during the summer. You won’t need to turn your thermostat up as high as you used to in the cold winter months, and during the summer your central air conditioning can be set to a higher temperature, even if the outside temperature is scorching.

4. Price. Basement remodeling tends to be cheaper than creating an addition since you’re already utilizing space that you have. The walls, foundation and roof are already in place and modifications are the only thing that you have left to do, or pay for. This is true whether you’re located in Toledo OH or a warmer climate.

5. Increase your home’s value. A finished basement is a huge requirement or decent option for potential home buyers. Even if you don’t think that you’ll be selling your home anytime soon, if ever, it helps to know that you’re investing in your home and can seek a return on it in the future if you choose to do so.

Think long and hard before you decide to change your home’s floor plan. Consider the numerous benefits that remodeling your basement offers, and look into the options you have as a homeowner.

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