What Roofing Problems Might You Have to Endure in Fall?

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for your roof. The ice, snow, and thawing is likely to present many problems that in the end amount to costly repairs. However, with a little reading you are best placed to prepare yourself for several roofing issues. The following list will highlight some of the roofing problems that you might have to endure this fall.

Water Related Problems

  • Condensation

Whenever warm air encounters a cool surface, condensation occurs. An attic that is improperly insulated is likely to experience condensation, which later leads to mildew and mold that damages the interior surfaces of your home. The best protection for condensation is proper ventilation. Inadequate ventilation damages the roof and decking leaving it vulnerable to ice dams.

  • Flashing Leaks

If your roof is sloped, you probably experience leaky flashings on a regular basis. Flashings are metal strips along the edge, ridges, and corners of the roof and around the skylights and chimney. If improperly installed, flashings pull away from the roofing and promote water leaks. If your flashings are not inspected, flashing leaks are one of the roofing problems you may have to endure during the fall.

  • Icicles

Icicles form during sunny weather and winter. Although they appear neat, they pose a great risk to people and their pets. Icicles are caused by clogged downspouts and gutters. The excess weight of icicles can cause roof and gutter damage. To avoid encountering this roofing problem, you should clear your gutter of leaves, branches, or other debris. The best time to maintain your gutters to avoid leaks is during warm weather.

  • Ice dams

Ice dams result when your icy roof starts to thaw and the lower areas get frozen. Melting snow from the warm areas of your roof flows to the lower gutters and refreezes them resulting in an ice dam. The water will eventually leak through joints and cracks in your roofing material and into your home causing significant damage. There is no foolproof way for eliminating ice dams; however, proper insulation and ventilation can minimize their occurrence. Experts recommend rubber underlayment such as water-shield and ice to areas that are likely to experience ice dams.

Problems From Natural Elements

  • Tree Limbs

If you live in an area with a lot of trees, you are privy to the dangers of large trees. Overhanging tree branches can scrape your roof surface thus damaging its protective layer. When branches fall into your roof, these can also present problems. The best way to avoid tree problems this fall is to trim branches that are six feet from your roof.

  • Wind Storms

Wind storms are common experiences in many regions during winter. When the speed of wind pick up it can loosen the asphalt shingles. The only measure you can take at this point is to call a roofing professional. However, to keep this issue from occurring, you should inspect your roof for loosely attached or damaged shingles during warmer weather.

Roofing problems occur all year round but are more pronounced during the fall. The main issues to expect this winter include condensation, flashing leaks, icicles, ice dams, tree limbs and wind storms. The best way to avoid these problems is to inspect your roof during favorable weather.