5 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

five benefits of residential window tinting all constructionTinting your residential windows is beneficial for protecting your home, your valuables as well as your wallet. With the tinting treatment, you can effectively deter thieves from targeting your home, ensuring you will not have to replace stolen electronics and furniture. It will also reduce your consumption of electricity, thereby reducing your heating and cooling bills. Continue reading below to discover the five benefits of tinting your residential windows.

Control Privacy In Your Home

We often search for different ways to increase the privacy of our home. Not only does it help us to feel safe, but it allows us to feel comfortable in our own home. Regular glass windows allow outsiders to look into your home, visibly accounting for all of your personal belongings. Open visibility makes you a target of a burglary while taking away from your enjoyment of the home in a private manner.

Control Your Homes Heat

The United States Department of Energy reports that approximately one-third of your home’s total consumption of energy is due to heating and cooling costs. As the biggest source of energy consumption in your home, it is significantly beneficial to be able to precisely control the temperature in your home. The heat emitted from the sun and traveling through the windows can make the house warmer than intended, while making it harder to cool the house off.

Tinting the windows effectively block sun rays, minimizing the amount of heat that is allowed to penetrate the windows and heat the home. By being able to block out unwanted heat, you can rely solely on the central air system to accurately dictate how hot or cold your home is. The film can also help to keep your home warm in the winter, which helps further reduce your energy bills.

Improves Cost-Efficiency

With a reduction of your energy bills, the savings that are immediately experienced helps to improve your home’s cost-efficiency. That means that your electric bill will be reduced, with your house costing less to operate efficiently. With less money to pay out each month to cover your housing expenses, the money you invest into the tinting can be recouped quickly. Instead of the tinting costing you money, it’s saving you money.

Additionally, you can save even more money by taking advantage of energy-efficient federal tax credits that are available when you make qualifying improvements to your home. Even though tax laws change each year, casement tinting has repeatedly met the criteria for tax deduction qualification for several years, saving homeowners as much as $500 per year in government taxes.

Dormer Tinting Lasts Up To 10-15 Years

Many home improvements only last for a handful of years, requiring you to reinvest more money in order to revitalize and maintain the improvements. But one of the best things about tinting windows is that once it is complete, it will be another 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced or redone. The long-lasting durability of the tint allows you to enjoy year after year of protection, safety, and privacy.

Easy Installation

One thing that stops homeowners from completing many of their home improvement projects is the complexities of the installation processes. Tinting requires time, patience and experience in order for the installation to be executed efficiently. Having a trained professional perform the window tinting makes the process very fast and easy, with many jobs taking less than a few hours to complete. Let the experts in the field handle the problem. Call and schedule an appointment with one of our expert window tinting specialists today to get started. Contact All-Nu Construction today!