Kitchen Remodeling Toledo

kitchIt goes without saying that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. For that reason, if you’re considering remodeling, you’ll need to find an expert-level contractor, one who puts your needs ahead of their own and promises your overall satisfaction. All-Nu is such a contractor. We only use the finest materials and the most qualified craftsman to ensure that you’ll be happy with your new kitchen, guaranteed.

We’ll begin with an in-home planning session, drafting a plan to remodel your kitchen as efficiently as possible while still placing an equal focus on both functionality and efficiency.

We’ll let you choose from a huge variety of cabinets, countertops and more in a variety of styles including European and traditional designs while also giving you the option to select any number of accessories like roll out trays and lazy susans, among many others. We’ll even work with you to add new windows, flooring or lightning to really make your chosen design pop.

We can assist you with:

  • Overall Design Decisions: What do you want the overall aesthetic of your kitchen to be? What color schemes are you considering? Do you want it to look modern, old fashioned or somewhere in-between?
  • Spatial Issues: Can you fit everything you want into your kitchen and still allow ample space for mobility? How can the room be reorganized to make it easier to navigate?
  • Cabinetry: What kind of cabinets are you considering? Do you want deep and tall base cabinets on recessed risers or higher but narrower wall cabinets? Do you need a tall cabinet to serve as a broom closet or a pantry? What special cabinets (corner, suspended, bottle racks, appliance garages, hutches…) do you require? How can you mix and match cabinet styles to best serve your needs?
  • Counter Tops: What type of material would you like your countertop made out of? Striking but weighty granite? Plain but effective solid surfacing? Do you want metal or wood or tile or a synthetic material? How much counter space do you require?
  • Fixtures: Do you want to replace all of your sinks and faucets? Which models would best suit your needs? What kind of look do you want your appliances to have?
  • Lightning: How much light do you require? Do you want the lighting to be recessed or entirely based upon the usage of appliances like lamps? How much natural light do you want to utilize?
  • Flooring: What material do you want for your floor? What color should it be? Do you want a floor which is easy to clean or one which places aesthetic appeal above all else?
  • Appliances:  Do you want to replace all of your old appliances, like your refrigerator and oven? Do you want to upgrade your appliances to more effective models? Do you want your appliances to be energy efficient?

If you’re not looking to undergo a major redesign, we can focus our attention on one specific area of your kitchen, the cabinetry perhaps, or maybe the flooring. This can help save you money while still significantly improving the look of your kitchen and the overall value of your home. Be sure to contact us today for a free estimate. Remember, no matter how small or large your job might be, All-Nu is here to help.