Home Remodeling Toledo

If you feel that your home is missing a vital room, be it a bedroom, a bathroom, a study or any other kind of room you can imagine, All-Nu can help by constructing you a beautiful new addition today.

Home Remodeling and Additions

addition1A well-performed home remodeling or addition can significantly increase the value of your home. The danger when taking on a major home improvement project is that the increased value of your home will be less than the cost of the job, but kitchen and bathroom remodeling especially offer a fantastic return on their investment. That being said, hire a shoddy contractor and you can find yourself paying for work which could actually damage your home’s worth. Here at All-Nu, we have the experience and the skills to all but guarantee you a profit should you choose to one day sell your home.

Home Remodeling Zoning Requirements

Before beginning a project, you must be sure that it conforms to any and all local zoning requirements. Some zoning boards place restrictions on height or general placement while strictly dividing property lines, so be sure to check with local building officials to be sure that your addition is entirely legal.

Home Remodeling Conditions and Considerations

Home remodeling can be fairly costly, but there are ways around that (in addition to hiring an honest contractor). Planning your alterations around pre-existing sewer/water lines and electrical wiring can save you a huge amount of time and money.

Flow and Access Considerations for Remodeling and Home Additions

Be sure to select an addition which corresponds well with the rest of your home. Any new rooms should be easily accessible, naturally melding with your pre-existing floor plan. Keep in mind your new room’s overall location in your home, including what other rooms it will be near and where it will lie in relation to your home’s overall design. Don’t let the excitement of a new room get in the way of your common sense. Plan big, but do so carefully.

Living Arrangements During Home Remodeling Construction

While a particular area is being remodeled, it might be best to stay elsewhere. This doesn’t necessarily mean temporarily moving out of your home, though doing so might simplify matters. Often, confining yourself to one area of your home can be enough. That being said, construction can be loud and somewhat messy at times, and it can go on for months. As such, be sure to consider your options.