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Considering a Pole Barn for Installation on Your Property

For property owners in the Toledo OH area, the construction of a pole barn can be a great addition to your property. Not only functional, traditional-style barns are also attractive ways to add value to rural and suburban properties, especially those with enough land to accommodate horses or livestock. Here are some terrific ways a new barn could benefit you and your family.

Large Modern Barn

Most homeowners could use additional storage for seasonal items, furniture, outdoor equipment, animal fodder and more. Building a barn is a great way to get exactly the amount of storage you need along with the degree of security you want to have. The space provided can be extremely versatile. Elevated storage, such as in an upper story of the barn, can be especially useful for storing moisture-sensitive feed and grains. Lower level storage is great for keeping small tractors and tools safe from weather or more secure from theft. A portion of the barn can also serve as a garage, sheltering vehicles from harsh winter weather.

Curb appeal and added value

A bright red barn nestled into green or golden hills and pastures near Toledo OH is an iconic image of the American heartland. Barns come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days, adding beauty and appeal to any property. Homeowners are choosing craftsman style barns in record numbers, along with stylish wrought irons features and other architectural detailing that make their barns stand out from the rest. These high-quality additions lend not only functionality, but value to the property, making the project a worthwhile investment for both current and future owners to appreciate and enjoy.


Many families are choosing to be more self-sufficient. Owning a barn can make homesteading easier and feel more authentic. If you have always wanted to be a yeoman farmer with a working farm, then the barn is an essential part of that dream, providing everything from work-space to storage to center of operations. Even if you only intend to farm or homestead on a subsistence basis, having a well-constructed pole barn will serve you well in these endeavors, including providing something to eventually pass on to children or grandchildren nurtured by your dreams.

Family and social events

Barns are popular locations for holding small weddings or having a family reunion. In fact, they can be designed with these functions in mind with the inclusion of electricity and climate control, not to mention a sound system or outdoor-style kitchen. Even with these features, the building can still function as a barn when family gatherings are not being held there. Seasonal parties can be hosted here as well with festive decor to celebrate the current holidays and family traditions. In fact, for barns that are not primarily utilized as storage or to house livestock, the upper floor is frequently converted into a family game room.

If you want to find a way to add value and beauty to your property, while also increasing functionality and participating in homesteading or farming activities, then adding a pole barn is definitely the way to accomplish these goals.

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Improving Your Home’s Amount of Storage Space With a Custom Pole Barn

If you have a home that you are pretty much satisfied with but you wish you had a safe and secure place to store things, then consider having a pole barn built onto or near your home. This type of barn is really a quite versatile type of building that has a wide range of uses, and is perfect for the weather conditions in Toledo OH. It can be turned into extra work space, an office, an outdoor kitchen or recreation room, a guest room depending on the time of year and yes of course it can be used as a barn. The reason why you may opt for a barn over other types of buildings or extensions is because it is highly affordable, and you can have it constructed in no time at all.

Large Modern Barn

Barn Kits

Hiring a contractor to construct a barn for you is becoming more and more popular in the US. There are contracting/home improvement companies in Toledo that supply the lumber and manpower for cabins and other structures. All you have to do is decide on the size of the barn you want. A contractor will come with all of the wood, nuts and bolts and other accessories, and it will all be packed securely on a truck, sent to your house and unloaded.


The contractor will handle most of the aspects, but you have to decide if you want earth flooring, which is totally acceptable, or cement or wood flooring. Cement flooring is an easy route to take. Whichever way you decide to go, before you start constructing your barn, chart out the amount of ground space it will require and then decide where the barn will be constructed. Another really attractive aspect is that no complex below ground-level foundation is required, so you can have this structure built quickly.

Deciding What You Want

Walls and Doors

If your barn will be used as a garage, stable or picnic/outdoor area, then you can decide whether or not you want it to have walls. Instead of being made out of logs or plywood, the walls can all be made out of metal sheeting. Doors or rolling garage doors are also something you will have to decide on.


Pole barns are in no way unsightly, and they can blend in well even in a residential suburban neighborhood where they would just look like an added garage. The roofing and siding on barns can be made out of the same materials as regular houses, so they can actually look quite stately and attractive.

It is so much easier when you have a professional come in and construct your barn for you, and it insures the safety of the construction so that it is not hazardous to you or anyone else. The contractor will also know which routes to take to secure a Toledo OH building permit for your pole barn so that it is a legal building. Contact a building contractor in Toledo today, and get the extra space you need.


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